21. Surak’s Soul – Book Review

In episode twenty-one, of THE EXPANSE – A STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE PODCAST, Kris Hill and Kyle West host their third book club, as they review 2003’s “Surak’s Soul.”

The Expanse Podcast
The Expanse - An Enterprise Podcast
21. Surak's Soul - Book Review

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What is in Episode 21. Surak’s Soul – Book Review

No Confusion on This Book Club

Kyle remembered that this was third.

Initial Thoughts

The pair dive right into the review. Kyle starts by discussing how much of page-turner it was for him, however, felt a little underwhelmed with the ending.

Kris brings up some of his favourite parts and brings up that the book is relevant due to the plot.

Kris also brings up the illustrious literary past of the author, J. M. Dillard.

Plot Details and a Deal Struck

Kyle laments the fact he didn’t message Kris about doing the plot details of the book.

Kris offers to do the details for the next book club novel, Daedalus.

The first episode that riffs well with this novel is brought up; The Seventh.

The “cause” of the planetary affliction is revealed not to be what the species was told by the main antagonist.

More little details not quite as the pair remember.

Wanting of More References

Kyle goes with The Seventh, Strange New World, and Fight or Flight, but wanted to see leaning more on The Seventh.

Kris agrees with The Seventh and throws in The Catwalk.

Thoughts About the Plot Itself

The pair really enjoyed the plot. Not as action-packed as “What Price Honor?”, but better than “By the Book.”

They both thought the story dragged a bit near the climax.

Both wanted to actually see what happened to Wanderer.

They both take the time to hear the voices of the characters.

Kyle got a bit more of Spock or Tuvok vibes from how T’Pol was written, while Kris tries to justify the choice by calling back to Dillard’s writing. He then goes on to suggest that Wanderer was possessing her.

Title Not Exactly Relevant

The guys talk about how the title and cover are a bit misleading due to how it was titled and T’Pol’s face on the cover. However, they both agree that it is still a good book.

Favorite Scenes

The pair talk about some of their favourite moments in the book.

Problematic Scenes

Kyle wasn’t sure about the very opening of the book dealing with Archer’s dad.

The guys bemoan the use of the decon chamber scene.

Ranking of the Books

Both agree that this one is the second-best of the first three written.

Wrapping Up

The pair talk how close they are to the relaunch novels and their eager anticipation to get to those while knowing they need to read them further in advance.

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The Expanse Podcast
The Expanse - An Enterprise Podcast
21. Surak's Soul - Book Review