About Holosuite Media

In the beginning

Holosuite Media was initially founded as Holosuite Magazine by Xander Hayes in October of 2009.

Before that, Xander had a long run as a panellist on the Red Shirt Army Podcast reporting on Star Trek Online and guest-starred on many other podcasts and internet radio stations.

At the beginning of 2013 Holosuite Magazine became Holosuite Media is it expanded what it covered.

Tribbles in Ecstasy was the Holosuite’s first podcast, and its topics of discussion centred around the Star Trek community and Star Trek Online game.

On the heels of the success with Tribbles in Ecstasy, multiple new shows were born that included Shaven Wookie Cantina, Beyond The Veil, Vok Arkhona, The Geek EZ, Frak Stars and more.

New blood

In 2014, Steve Roberts moved over to host the Tribbles in Ecstasy podcast. Like Xander, he too came from the Red Shirt Army Podcast.

Steve not only took on as showrunner for the Tribbles’ podcast but helped Xander develop a new and host a new website for the Holosuite Media network.

By 2015, Xander started taking more of a backseat with the running of the network and left it in the capable hands of Steve and Beyond the Veil’s showrunner Antida.


Shows have come and gone in the Holosuite Media network for many reasons, from games and television shows ending, to host availability and real-life situations demanded their time.

In 2017, The Secret World MMO was rebuilt, and relaunched to become Secret World Legends.

Antida had decided to retire from the Beyond the Veil podcast, and the running of the Holosuite Media network to focus on a new career.

In turn, Beyond the Veil podcast decided they would run as an independent podcast to cover the relaunched game.

Around the same time, Steve Roberts suffered from health issues that made running the Tribbles in Ecstasy, and Frak Stars shows impossible.

2018 saw the network stall on releasing any new episodes and shows.


Moving forward to 2020, a year that was rough for many people due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Holosuite Media got injected with a new lease of life.

Many podcast hosts and shows started their new Star Trek podcasting network, We Made Treks.

However, this network was short-lived as the network owner moved his attention to real-life matters and that of another podcast network he had already run.

Steve Roberts was a member of one of the new podcasts that had just become homeless and suggested the We Made Trek podcasts move to Holosuite Media.

The new shows would cover most aspects of the Star Trek franchise, with other shows in the pipeline. However, as the world started to move on living with COVID-19, many hosts’ other responsibilities in real life became a higher priority, and the shows were archived.


At Holosuite Media, we thrive on getting various communities involved to help their voice be heard to bring you balanced views, reviews and interviews.

We aim to allow those who are dedicated, driven and passionate about various topics on science fiction, fantasy, gaming, horror, movies, TV, and books to have an outlet for their creative talent.

So keep an eye on our website and social media as you’ll find more podcasts coming to you on topics you want to discuss.