22. Vox Sola – Full Review (Patron’s Choice)

For the 1st-time ever, Patreon subscribers choose the Star Trek: Enterprise episode Kris Hill and Kyle West discuss! As selected by their valued supporters, Kris and Kyle go deep into Vox Sola, a hidden gem from the first season.

The Expanse - An Enterprise Podcast
The Expanse - An Enterprise Podcast
22. Vox Sola - Full Review (Patron's Choice)

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What is in Episode 22: Vox Sola – Full Review?

Merry Christmas to All

Kyle starts the episode off by wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to the listeners. Kris chimes in talking about the typical last-minute shopping at this time of year.

Socials Dropped

Kyle gives all the social media locations. He then allows Kris to plug his other podcast on the network: The Voyages. Kyle promotes Her First Trek in reference to Kris’ other pod. The Patreon advert drops.

Plot Details

Kyle gives a brief overview of the episode. Kris gives the precise time he had previously seen Vox Sola thanks to his Twitter feed.

Harrison, Kyle’s son, is mentioned along with his disbelief of how time works.

Sing Along Time

As Harrison was watching, he started singing along with the theme.

Water Polo Seen

Kris brings up that Archer needed bro-time and that both he and Kyle talk Trip and Archer had been friends for a long time.

Not Your Typical Movie Night

Slimer, as Kris and then Kyle call the entity, messes with the screen for Movie Night. This leads to Slimer getting discovered.

Slimer Seems to Affect the Recording

There were some issues during the recording, however, these were a creative choice left in by Kris to go along with the episode they were covering.

A Big Reveal

Kyle didn’t notice until recording that Hoshi did mention how the Kreetassans words for “eating” and “mating” were similar.

Love for Non-Humanoid Alien

The guys love how this episode featured a non-humanoid alien and wished they saw more.

Quiz Time

Kyle and Kris trade questions about the episode. They also give theories on some of the things seen. Kyle wants to learn more about water polo and how it relates to the American sports scene. Greg’s question gets answered by Kris.

Final Thoughts

Kris gives some trivia about the episode.

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  • Kris Hill
  • Kyle West


  • Kris Hill

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The Expanse - An Enterprise Podcast
The Expanse - An Enterprise Podcast
22. Vox Sola - Full Review (Patron's Choice)