16. E Pluribus Unum – Season 5 Writers’ Room

In episode sixteen of THE EXPANSE – A STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE PODCAST, Kris Hill is joined by Brandi Jackola to return to the Writers’ Room to break the Season 5 premiere.

The Expanse - An Enterprise Podcast
The Expanse - An Enterprise Podcast
16. E Pluribus Unum - Season 5 Writers' Room

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What is in Episode 16: E Pluribus Unum – Season 5 Writers’ Room

Season 4 Finale Corrections

Kris Hill introduces Brandi Jackola and gives the shows social media details.

Kris recaps Demons and Terra Prime in an effort to spell out corrections to Terra Prime and set up the new episode.

With Brandi’s help, the pair “introduce” the Trill chronologically in the Star Trek timeline and write for a familiar name.

Stabilizing Baby Elizabeth’s Genome

Dr. Moora helps Dr. Phlox in saving Elizabeth’s life.

Moora essentially instructs Phlox to hold back the information about the saving of Elizabeth in order to keep Captain Archer’s speech at the end of the aired episode.

Starting Season Five

Kris and Brandi discuss what happens in the conference room at the formation of the Coalition of Planets.

They also plant the seeds for a future episode on Vulcan with T’Pau.

The Trill are used to help smooth over interplanetary relations.

They come up with a rather on the nose name for the head Trill diplomat.

Post Opening Credits

Opening credits use Seasons 1 & 2 theme, with Jeffery Combs included.

This leads to a gush fest over Mr. Combs’ in Trek and other roles.

That leads into a gush fest over Peter Weller’s acting ability.

Tangent Break Over

Shran arrives on the NX-01 at the promotion of Hoshi and Travis.

T’Pol leads the promotion.

The formation leads to a bending of the protocols of promotion.

Reed also gets promoted, but Trip doesn’t want a promotion so he can keep his family together.

Party Time

Shran breaks the news from Andoria.

Tellarites soon follow up with similar requests.

Kelby and Novakovich get transferred off to accommodate the new arrivals.

Ushaan scene planned for a future episode.

Warp Five Ships and Refit

NX-03 Challenger and NX-04 Atlantis are planned out.

Secondary Hulls on the Challenger and Atlantis complete with actual shielding and other species tech.

TAS Love

Kris and Brandi lament lack of TAS representation during Star Trek Day.

Spock II gets love.

(Little did they know that Kirk and Spock would be seen in Filmation Style a few weeks after recording)

Continued Negotiations

Rigel gets divided amongst the founding members to maintain peace.

Lela meets up with Hoshi to give species diversity training.

Each species gets its own class

We only see the class on Tellarite culture.

Wrapping Up the Episode

Family time with Trip and T’Pol.

The signing of the charter for the Coalition of Planets.

Recap and Sign off

Brandi recaps the episode and states where she can be found on the internet.

Episode Credits


  • Kris Hill


  • Brandi Jackola


  • Kris Hill

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The Expanse - An Enterprise Podcast
The Expanse - An Enterprise Podcast
16. E Pluribus Unum - Season 5 Writers' Room