15. Daedalus – Full Review

In episode fifteen of THE EXPANSE – A STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE PODCAST, Kris Hill and Kyle West review the fourth season episode, “Daedalus”, and the inventor of the transporter device.

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15. Daedalus - Full Review

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What is in Episode 15: Daedalus – Full Review

Comfort Wins

Kyle welcomed all listeners to the show, and revealed that this week’s show would cover the fourth season episode of Star Trek: Enterprise, “Daedalus.”

Kyle admitted that this week, he had sacrificed sound quality for comfort, having chosen to record in a room that echoed, but was better for his back.

Pepper 2

Kris had had better weeks. He’d discovered one of his mother’s dogs had passed away, whilst he was taking care of them, in her absence.

Kyle offered his sympathies, having lost a family dog recently, too.

He dedicated the episode to Pepper, Kris’ dog.

A Little Bit of Business

Before they started the discussion about “Daedalus,” Kyle reminded all listeners to subscribe to The Expanse – A Star Trek: Enterprise Podcast on their favourite podcast platforms and to leave a five-star review.


Kyle discussed the history of the word Daedalus, and how it’s pronunciation differs from country to country.

Kris uses American pronunciation; Kyle uses the British.

A Story We Didn’t Know We Needed

It was discussed that, due to the transporter already existing at the start of Broken Bow, Kyle had never put much thought to the origins of the transporter device.

Kyle ran through the entire plot of the episode, “Daedalus,” covering the main plot that surrounded the inventor of the transporter, Emery Erickson. Also, Trip and T’Pol’s subplot.

It was pointed out that “Daedalus” is the first standalone episode of Star Trek: Enterprise, since Season 2.

Kris enjoyed the storyline of a father trying to save his child.

Kyle greatly appreciated how effortlessly the episode weaved in its ongoing storylines, despite it being a standalone.

Black Lives Matter

In the post-George Floyd world, where the mistreatment of black people was rightfully being highlighted all around the world, Kyle admired the “Daedalus” reveal that it was a black man who created Star Trek’s infamous transporter.

Kyle called out Enterprise’s relatively poor treatment of Travis Mayweather, also a black character.

Both hosts felt that “Daedalus” was a very important episode for people to watch now, considering the real-world problems currently facing America, and other counties.

Hero or Villain?

When asked if he thought Dr Emery Erickson was a villain, given his part in the story, Kris said he considered him an anti-hero.

Kyle argued that Erickson’s actions cost the Enterprise a crewmember, which made him a villain.

Erickson’s lack of sympathy over the death of the crewmember is highlighted.

Archer’s Relationship with the Erickson’s

Kris and Kyle were big fans of Archer having known the Erickson’s, as he grew up. Neither considered it “small world syndrome.”

Both agreed that there were hints that Captain Archer and Danica Erickson had previously been involved in some sort of physical relationship.

The Cost of the Transporter

Kyle admitted that he, and other Trekkies, took the transporter for granted. They never considered the personal sacrifices made to create it, such as Dr Erickson’s deformities.

It retroactively added weight to Malcolm Reed and Travis Mayweather not being keen to use the transporter, in “Broken Bow.”

Was Archer Emotionally Compromised?

It was put to Kris, that Archer’s previous connection to Dr Erickson made him too emotionally invested to make a sensible decision regarding the continuation of the experiments.

Kyle felt that control of the experiment should have been given to Trip after Erickson’s actions killed a crewmember.

Kris advised listeners to leave their own opinion on the Holosuite Media discussion group, The Nexus.

T’Pol the Heartbreaker

Did T’Pol do the right thing in the final scene, when she told Trip that she couldn’t pursue a relationship with him, for personal reasons?

Kyle couldn’t decide if it made her a horrible person, or admirable for her actions.

Kris admitted that were he Trip, he’d have wanted to know as soon as possible, so not to be strung along.

The Fate of Dr Emery Erickson

Once he was returned to Starfleet, Erickson could have served time in a penal colony in New Zealand, according to Kris.

Kyle felt that Erickson would have been put under house arrest, for the rest of his life. He didn’t think Starfleet would reveal his crimes to the public.

Both hosts discuss how Emery Erickson’s name appears in the opening credits of Star Trek: Discovery’s first season, as the inventor of the transporter.

As a fan of the show since it launched, in 2001, Kyle loved seeing such a small detail included in Star Trek: Discovery.

Lighting and Cinematography

Kyle liked that the Enterprise wasn’t lit so brightly throughout the episode, due to Emery’s experiment requiring more power.

Kris felt that the lighting of the episode reflected Emery’s journey from darkness, to the light.

There were two shots, during the episode’s climax, that Kyle felt didn’t fit the episode. He detailed them, quite specifically.

One camera placement that Kyle loved was during the final scene between T’Pol and Trip. He felt that it made Engineering look bigger than it ever had before.

A First Season Episode?

Kyle asked Kris if this episode should’ve come much earlier in the show’s run. Kris felt that it would have lost impact, had it come before Archer’s season three and four character growth.

Kris calls the episode a hidden gem.

Kyle said that Scott Bakula was fantastic in the episode and that it was a story that only Star Trek: Enterprise could tell.

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The Expanse Podcast
The Expanse - An Enterprise Podcast
15. Daedalus - Full Review