59. Defiant

Perry and David discuss old TNG plotlines in “Defiant” and catch up with some Easter Egg characters. Plus Jonathan Frakes is awesome!

The Fire Caves - A Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Podcast
The Fire Caves - A Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Podcast
59. Defiant

What to expect from episode 59: Defiant?


Will Riker is on Deep Space Nine!

Will knows everyone.

Kira is having a bad day.

The ineffable charm of William T. Riker.

Something is off about the good commander, just can’t place it.

Dax knows a flirtation when she hears it.

The Defiant is a true prize.

O’Brien….always tinkering.

What did the Chief do to Will?

The Sideburn strip!

A TNG throwback!

Perry explains some science behind transporters.

Quantum Entanglement and where we stand in society.

Riker on a rampage.

Kira the terrorist gives a lesson.

What it means to be Maquis.

Sisko seeks help from a frenemy.

Gul Dukat at his most magnanimous.

The Obsidian Order and their machinations.

Why Riker wants the Defiant.

Thomas Riker explained.

What to expect when dealing with The Maquis.

The dichotomy of man and how to deal when doubled.

Perry and David play Picard vs Sisko.

On Cardassia Prime…the world under scrutiny of the state.

What we learn of Dukat’s position.

What is going on in a supposedly uninhabited system.

Kira the saboteur.

Whether it is Will or Thomas, they are still Riker.

Sisko sees an opportunity and tries to offer it to Dukat.

The Power of the Obsidian Order.

Riker is one hell of a tactician.

The Defiant is a warhorse, no doubt about it.

Perry and David discuss TNG and Generations.

What to expect on the next Fire Caves After Dark.

What’s up in NuTrek.

Postulations for Picard.

The Sacrifice.

The Awkward Kiss Goodbye.

Kira makes a promise.

Will we see Thomas Riker again.

Perry talks apocrypha.

The Fire Caves, now on YouTube!

Where to listen.

Perry is still not watching Halo.

Episode Credits


  • David Wampler
  • Perry Freeze


  • Perry Freeze

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The Fire Caves - A Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Podcast
The Fire Caves - A Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Podcast
59. Defiant