14. What Price Honor? – Book Review

In episode fourteen, of THE EXPANSE – A STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE PODCAST, Kris Hill and Kyle West host their second book club, as they review 2002’s “What Price Honor?”

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14. What Price Honor? - Book Review

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What is in Episode 14: What Price Honor? – Book Review

A Mild Case of Confusion

With barely a minute on the clock, Kris Hill had to correct Kyle West as to which book club session this was. Kyle blames his confusion on an advert!

Kris reveals that he and his partner are looking at new houses to move into.

This is a sensitive subject for Kyle, who details the struggle he has had selling his old house during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Before they get down to business, Kris reminded all listeners to rate and subscribe to the show.

Details Matter

Before any discussion could be had about this week’s book, “What Price Honor,” Kyle highlights one significant error in the very first words of the book.

Shockingly, the author wrote that the adventure takes place on a date in which the NX-01 Enterprise wasn’t even in service!

The dates continue to be incorrect throughout the book. Kyle let the author off, given the strength of the novel.

Kyle never wants to hear a complaint about there being spoilers on this show, ever again.

This preceded Kris giving an incredibly detailed description of the novel’s plot.

So. Much. Better.

Both co-hosts felt that this was a massive improvement over the previous novel, “By The Book.”

He loved the book, but Kyle admitted that he thought the book peaked two thirds in.

Kyle predicted the book’s big twist before Kris did.

Love and Characterisation

The story takes place over 2.5 weeks. Kyle questioned whether this was too short a period of time for Reed’s romance to blossom.

A discussion was had as to whether Reed should have asked Captain Archer for permission to have a relationship with Ensign Hart.

Kris and Kyle heaped praise on the author for his character work. Each character sounded like they do on TV.

This was a significant improvement on “By The Book,” which Kyle stated only got T’Pol’s voice correct.

A Matter of Perspective

Kyle wondered whether it was the correct decision to bookend the novel with scenes from Archer’s perspective.

Kris had an interesting theory as to why the first and last chapters were not told from Reed’s viewpoint.

A large number of action scenes made Kyle happy.

When they discussed favourite scenes, Kris told Kyle that he enjoyed those that referenced books about naval history.

Kyle preferred the scenes that took place on the surface of the alien planet.

Rounding it Up

In their final thoughts, Kris and Kyle discussed how much they enjoyed the novel.

Both men are excited about the next book written by the same author, Dave Stern.

Kris revealed that “Surak’s Soul” from a different writer, will be the next novel reviewed on the podcast.

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