12. Star Trek in Starlog Magazine Issues 23 and 24

Star Trek & science articles in these exciting Starlogs from 1979, including all the news from the then-upcoming Star Trek: The Motion Picture, life for the actors outside of Trek, & more!

12. Star Trek in Starlog Magazine Issues 23 and 24

What to expect from episode 12: Star Trek in Starlog Magazine Issues 23 and 24?

Trek Report by Susan Sackett

On this episode, Bob Turner & Kelly Casto bring their unique views and discuss the Trek Report. Hear the latest news about the widescreen first Star Trek movie Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Remember how excited you were about this movie?

Impact of Blacks in Star Trek

Our long-time friend and Trekkie, Eddie Hines reflects on the impact of blacks in Star Trek the Original Series. There was a much bigger influence than anyone knows!

Another Sackett Trek Report!

Bob Vosseller is back to consider the Susan Sackett penned Trek Report. There was always more to report about Star Trek: The Motion Picture!

Science Report on Jupiter

The Poetic Engineer, Lauren White, brings us on a voyage to Jupiter’s mini solar system.

And More!

Also, an article with William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy discussing their life outside of Star Trek. The classic movie The Day the Earth Stood Still. Starlog magazine celebrates three years of publication and gets fan letters from celebrities! And much more!

Remember the Star Trek Mego dolls in the 1970s? The Mego corporation is back and currently produces all new 8″ and 14″ Star Trek figures!

Gallatin Comic Con will be hosted by Towne Square Records & Comics and will take place on November 13th at the EPIC Events Center in Gallatin, Tennessee. We will see you there!

Starbase Indy is the fan-run Star Trek and Science convention held each year on Thanksgiving weekend. Its mission: to celebrate Star Trek’s vision of the future by promoting humanitarianism and STEM. It’s a fun con for the whole family! We’ll be there presenting a panel and hosting a room party! The special guest this year is John Schuck!

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  • Kavura
  • Nayr


  • Bob Turner
  • Kelly Casto
  • Eddie Hines
  • Bob Vosseller
  • Lauren White, The Poetic Engineer


  • Nayr

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12. Star Trek in Starlog Magazine Issues 23 and 24