17. Wesley Crusher’s Peach Jumper Monstrosity

In the seventeenth episode of Beyond Farpoint, Baz and Geoff discuss Wesley Crusher’s journey across The Next Generation and his relationship to the mysterious Traveller.

Beyond Farpoint
Beyond Farpoint
17. Wesley Crusher's Peach Jumper Monstrosity

What to expect from episode 17: Wesley Crusher’s Peach Jumper Monstrosity – And Other Travels In Time And Space

Introductions and spoilers

Baz and Geoff discuss Wesley Crusher, Will Wheaton’s career and his ambassadorship of Star Trek. They also talk about the spoilery (and unexpected) nature of his return to Star Trek this year.

Where No One Has Gone Before

First up is season one episode Where No One Has Gone Before. There is plenty to discuss, from the mysterious nature of the Traveller and Eric Menyuk’s performance to the sheer arrogance of Stanley Kamel’s Kosinski and the abomination of Wesley Crusher’s peach jumper monstrosity.

Also of note – why did they not turn into salamanders when they passed Warp 10, dreams and hallucinations and Welsey’s budding relationship with the Traveller that sets up his story arc on the show. There is also a fascination re-exploration of the scene between Picard and his mother in light of season two of Star Trek: Picard.

Other Notable Wesley episodes

Baz and Geoff touch upon the return of the Traveller in season four’s Remember Me and how this continues Wesley’s journey away from Starfleet. Other notable Wesley episodes are discussed, including Final Mission and season five’s The Last Duty.

Journey’s End

Wesley Crusher’s return and final fate are re-evaluated in his last TNG appearance. From vision quests to grumpy behaviour and touching farewells, Baz and Geoff look at how his arc is wrapped up and sets up his recent return.

Baz and Geoff also examine the unfortunate portrayal of Native Americans, Picard’s family legacy and that attempts by TNG (and Deep Space Nine) to set up the Marquis.

An Alternate Future for Wesley Crusher

As well as considering where Wesley Crusher’s journey through time and space went next, Baz and Geoff also look at the cut scenes from Star Trek: Nemesis, which suggest an alternate path for Wesley Crusher, now back in Starfleet.

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  • Baz Greenland
  • Geoff Owen


  • Baz Greenland

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Beyond Farpoint
Beyond Farpoint
17. Wesley Crusher's Peach Jumper Monstrosity