16. The King and Queen of Crossovers

Geoff and Baz look at crossover episodes of other Star Trek series where the characters of Star Trek: The Next Generation have appeared in.

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16. The King and Queen of Crossovers

What to expect from episode 16: The King and Queen of Crossovers


Baz and Geoff talk about their love for the whole Star Trek universe, and not just Star Trek: The Next Generation. This episode will allow them to talk about those other shows as the characters from TNG appear in episodes of other Star Trek series.


The first episode that Baz and Geoff explore is the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode ‘Defiant’, where it appears that Commander William Riker has turned rogue and defected to the Maquis.

Geoff and Baz talk about Riker’s relationship with Kira, seeing the interactions with Dax and O’Brien, and ultimately strategically butting heads against Sisko and Gul Dukat.


Deanna Troi and Reg Barclay give us a double crossover episode is next on the table as Geoff and Baz explore the Voyager episode ‘Pathfinder’, or ‘The Troi and Barclay Show’.

We discuss Barclay’s importance in Starfleet’s attempts and contacting USS Voyager, as well as how his holodeck obsessions continue to affect him, causing him to reach out to his former counsellor Deanna Troi. However, with the majority of the episode focussing on a holographic Voyager crew, is it really a Voyager episode?

These Are The Voyages…

Unable to put it off any longer, Baz and Geoff dive into the finale of Star Trek: Enterprise. Baz doesn’t hide his disdain for the episode but Geoff does his best to defend it while admitting its position as the series finale was ill-judged.

Baz and Geoff talk about how this episode ties in with the TNG episode ‘The Pegasus’, and talk about how Chef Riker interacts with the NX-01 Enterprise crew, including a creepy T’Pol kiss.

They do agree though that if the speech had been seen and heard, it might have made the episode more worthwhile. Maybe.

Emissary, Timeless, Kobayashi, etc.

Geoff and Baz then take a whistle-stop tour of the crossovers featuring other TNG characters.

Emissary: Sisko meeting Picard in the pilot episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Patrick Stewart appears as both Picard and Locutus who has a history with Sisko.

Timeless: Director LeVar Burton cameos as a future Captain Geordi La Forge who tries to stop Chakotay and Harry Kim in their mission to change history.

The Augments trilogy: An ancestor of Data’s creator, Brent Spiner appears as Arik Soong in three episodes of Enterprise.

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country: Michael Dorn appears as Worf’s grandfather defending Captain Kirk and Dr McCoy in a Klingon show trial.

Kobayashi: Dal R’el and Jankom Pog run the Kobayashi Maru simulation, enlisting the help of some of Starfleet’s finest, including Gates McFadden as Dr Beverly Crusher.


Star Trek: Lower Decks also gets some love as Baz and Geoff recall TNG easter eggs and references in the animated series. Geoff also mentions characters such as Lwaxana Troi, Lursa and B’Etor appearing in other shows before wrapping up the episode.

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16. The King and Queen of Crossovers