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9. The Worst Space Dad

Episode nine of Beyond Farpoint sees Geoff joined by Dan Decker, aka The Commodore, host of the podcast Shall We Digress…?, to discuss Dan’s favourite episode, the sixth season episode ‘A Fistful of Datas’.

Beyond Farpoint - A Star Trek: The Next Generation Podcast
Beyond Farpoint
9. The Worst Space Dad

What to expect from episode 9. The Worst Space Dad


Geoff introduces his co-host for the episode, Dan Decker, aka The Commodore, and host of the podcasts ‘Shall We Digress…?’.

Dan introduces his favourite episode, the sixth season’s ‘A Fistful of Datas’. Dan talks about himself and his love of Star Trek. He also talks about his podcasts and his social media links (although he has since changed his Twitter ID to @CdreDecker).

Science fiction and Westerns

Geoff reveals that he’s not a big fan of Westerns in general, but does like them in science fiction Dan mentions that he is a huge fan of Westerns and mentions his childhood and seeing the movie ‘Tombstone’. The conversation then returns to ‘A Fistful of Datas’ as Dan talks about the great turns from both Marina Sirtis and Brent Spiner, and despite Alexander’s presence, the episode is a gem.

Geoff comments that this episode and ‘Rascals’ are two of Alexander’s best appearances and Dan mentions that after K’Ehleyr is killed off, they then don’t really know what to do with Alexander.

Geoff and Dan briefly talk about holodecks and agree that they’d love to have access to a real life holodeck, without the failures.

Picard’s interruptions and series continuity

Dan highlights that so many things in this episode refer to some ongoing continuity; Picard’s flute, Crusher being a director (which would later be interrupted by Data’s Ode to Spot), Spot himself trying to get onto Data’s desk, Geordi growing a beard again, and even the hint of a Worf and Deanna relationship, and of course, Picard, his jacket sporty.

Dan revels in the joy that this episode gives him, alongside the TOS episode ‘A Piece of the Action’ and ponders what being into wild west justice and 1930s gangster mob justice says about him as a person.

Geoff mentions that he’s currently rehearsing for a smaller part in a play and as an actor, getting a script for the first time you go through it looking for your next bit, and then the realisation that you’ve then got to learn all of those lines.

Dan recognises this as he has experience with the technical side of theatrical production and musical performance, but does mention playing a cowboy in a production of Annie Get Your Gun.

Saddle up, Father

Worf trying to find work during this downtime as he’s trying to avoid spending time with Alexander, prompts Dan to call him The Worst Space Dad, or The Anti-SiskoDan questions Alexander’s usage of the word Father as Alexander doesn’t want to be . Klingon, so why would he use Klingon familial terms?

They discuss Troi’s entrance as Durango, aka The Stranger, prompting a discussion on who Troi was originally going to be in the episode: a somewhat stereotypical Sergio Leone spaghetti western type saloon girl. Dan and Geoff both agree that the Durango character is much better, and Geoff comments how much fun the cast is having and how much Durango reminds him of Gene Wilder’s character in Blazing Saddles.

Datas, Datas everywhere

Data being connected to the ship’s computer, his southern drawl, and the holodeck characters begin to take on Data’s appearance prompts praise for Brent Spiner’s performance again playing all these parts.

Star Trek What If…?

Dan wants a Geordi/Data animated buddy cop show prompting Geoff to counter it with an alternative buddy cop show with Bashir and O’Brien. They try to pitch a spin-off animated show based on the holodeck adventures of the various Star Trek crews in the style of Marvel’s What If…? Dan mentions it could be Star Trek’s take on Quantum Leap. Scott Bakula’s not working on NCIS any more after all. Shall we digress?

More digressions

Dan comments again on how much fun the cast seem to have, especially as Brent Spiner, now as a Data version of Miss Annie rests her head on Michael Dorn’s panicked Worf.

Although a fan of the new era of Star Trek, Geoff laments not getting these kinds of episodes now in the long-form shows like Discovery and Picard, leading into another digression where Dan and Geoff get excited by the upcoming Strange New Worlds, a potential chance for fun episodes like this.

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Beyond Farpoint - A Star Trek: The Next Generation Podcast
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9. The Worst Space Dad