8. The Greatest Star Trek Movie Ever Made?

In the eighth episode of Beyond Farpoint, Baz and Geoff discuss Star Trek: The Next Generation movie Star Trek: First Contact, talking Borg, time travel and the Enterprise E on the film’s 25th anniversary.

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8. The Greatest Star Trek Movie Ever Made?

What to expect from episode 8: The Greatest Star Trek Movie Ever Made?


Baz and Geoff talk meeting up for the first time and attending comic cons post Covid, before delving into the reason they are there – to discuss their first TNG movie on the podcast – Star Trek: First Contact, on its 25th anniversary.

They rank First Contact in the list of Star Trek movies, share their memories of seeing it at the cinema in the 90s and ask is it the greatest Star Trek movie ever made?

A new Enterprise and new uniforms

Baz and Geoff share their love for the Sovereign Class starship, compare it to other Enterprises, the differences from its predecessor and a lack of carpets!

They also talk about the uniforms, a military-style change, how it suited the movie and worked with the darker themes of Deep Space Nine’s later seasons.

Star Trek in the movies

Geoff and Baz talk about how Star Trek: Generations was very much for the fans, while Star Trek: First Contact is more accessible to casual viewers.

Baz asks if it works as a Star Trek movie, an action movie, a time-travel movie and a zombie movie?! And does it feel like Star Trek: The Next Generation?

Geoff suggests it does the opposite of the Kirk movies – do the characters of TNG really change between Generations and Nemesis?

The Best of Both Worlds Mark II

Geoff shudders at the eye-compressing horror of Picard’s nightmares, Baz marvels at the updates to the Borg and the gorgeous introduction to the Enterprise E. They share their love of the brilliant reintroduction of Worf on the Defiant, the battle we always wanted to see and one hell of a twist as it switches into an entirely different film 10 minutes in!

An optimistic future?

Geoff and Baz talk about Star Trek’s look at the future – is it that optimistic? What about the Eugenics, Romulan, Dominion wars and all of the very bleak twenty-first century?

They talk about the cleverness of the post WW III setting, the historical hero of Zephram Cochrane versus the figure we see on film, and James Cromwell’s grounded, relatable performance. They also ask if drunk Troi is the funniest scene in the movie, if Crusher is upstaged by the holographic Doctor and if Guinan could have filled Lily’s role?

The Borg

Baz calls out the Alien vibes in the build up to the Borg infiltration of the ship, the music, the tension and all-out zombie horror sequences packed with body horror.

Baz and Geoff also debate the purpose of the Borg Queen, Alice Krige’s performance and her relationship with Data.

Picard and Lily

Baz argues Alfre Woodward’s performance as Lily and her connection with Patrick Stewart’s Picard is the heart of the movie. They talk about the exploration of his trauma through the movie, manifested in that ‘blow up the damn ship’ scene.

The launch of the Phoenix and First Contact

Geoff talks about the incredible launch of the Phoenix juxtaposed against the Enterprise evacuation. Baz draws on the final scene between Worf and Picard and Klingon themes. Geoff remembers believing Data might have turned traitor and the horrifying final confrontation with the Borg Queen.

Finally, Baz asks if it could have been any alien race other than the Vulcans at First Contact?

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Beyond Farpoint - A Star Trek: The Next Generation Podcast
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8. The Greatest Star Trek Movie Ever Made?