10. Sheer F*#!ing Hubris!

In the tenth episode of Beyond Farpoint, Baz and Geoff revisit the first season of Star Trek: Picard, reflecting on the continuation of the Star Trek: The Next Generation story and Jean Luc Picard’s journey.

Beyond Farpoint
Beyond Farpoint
10. Sheer F*#!ing Hubris!

What to expect from episode 10: Sheer F*#!ing Hubris!


Baz and Geoff talk plans for Beyond Farpoint in 2022 and discuss their reactions to hearing about Patrick Stewart’s return in Star Trek: Picard.

A bold opening

Baz and Geoff discuss how strong the opening three episodes Remembrance, Maps and Legends and The End is the Beginning are as an introduction to Star Trek: Picard. They debate whether Pulaski should have returned, talk about the return of Hugh and the introductions of Raffi and Rios, the Shat Vash, Laris stealing the show and Picard’s journey back into space.

Filler episodes?

Baz challenges that Absolute Candor and Elnor aren’t necessary to the overall story. Geoff thinks Elnor is brilliant and the exploration of Romulans following the destruction of their home planet makes for a richer experience.

The same debate takes place with Stardust City Rag. Both agree that the return of Seven of Nine is brilliant, but the bad accents and big hats are just a bit too silly.

The Impossible Box and Nepenthe

Baz and Geoff talk storylines converging in The Impossible Box, the tension as events unravel, Picard’s trauma and reunion with Hugh and the fate of the Sikarians.

Talk turns to reunions with Riker and Troi in Nepenthe. Baz argues that it’s Troi’s best episode. Geoff argues that it’s one of modern Trek’s greatest episodes. Along with the exploration of Kestra and Data’s legacy, Geoff mourns the fate of poor Hugh.

Season one falters at the end – and Geoff sees a ghost!

A discussion of Broken Pieces reveals Baz’s favourite moment of the scene, while Geoff found himself bored by the events taking place.

Things then take a drastic turn when Geoff spots something in his room that Baz suspects might be a ghost!

Talk turns to the finale, Et in Arcadia Ego, Parts 1 and 2. Highlights for Baz and Geoff are the treatment of Data’s legacy, Brent Spiner playing another Soong and Riker in command, while cut and paste Romulan and Starfleet vessels, the pointless Borg cube and Picard’s fate finds the hosts conflicted about Picard season one’s resolution.

Season two and beyond…

Baz and Geoff wrap up the discussion with their thoughts on where Picard will go next, Q’s influence, a three-season arc, characters from the Next Generation era they would love to see return and hopes for more spin-offs in the 25th Century.

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  • Baz Greenland
  • Geoff Owen


  • Baz Greenland

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Beyond Farpoint
Beyond Farpoint
10. Sheer F*#!ing Hubris!