7. I Don’t Know What The Director Was Thinking!

In the seventh episode of Beyond Farpoint, Baz and Geoff delve into the origins of the Ferengi on Star Trek: The Next Generation, and look at their first two episodes ‘The Last Outpost’ and ‘The Battle’.

Beyond Farpoint
Beyond Farpoint
7. I Don’t Know What The Director Was Thinking!


Baz and Geoff start the show and introduce the focus of this episode; looking at the origins of The Ferengi in Star Trek, their impact on Star Trek: The Next Generation and their introductory episodes ‘The Last Outpost’ and ‘The Battle.’

The Ferengi

Geoff likes the Ferengi and talks about their rehabilitation in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Baz talks interviewing Armin Shimerman and discussing the role of Quark being a very human character in the show. They both share their love of Nog too and his growth on that series.

They talk the lack of characterisation of the Ferengi in The Next Generation, the concept of the race as the new Klingons and design based on yankee traders – and how they became such a disappointment when they debuted in season one.

The Last Outpost

Baz introduces The Last Outpost and they both agree it is not as bad as they remember. There is a lot of tension as the Enterprise loses power and they believe the Ferengi are responsible. Geoff compares much of the episode to TOS episode Arena. Baz suggests it could have been a classic episode if it had a better villain as the first 25 minutes before the Ferengi show up is quite good.

Baz says it does a great job of building up to the Ferengi as a big bad and Geoff loves the design of the Ferengi marauder. They wonder where the Chief Engineer is and note how Geordi proves himself in this new episode in the role he would take from season two.

They discuss the annoying portrayal of the Ferengi was largely down to the director, who never returned to The Next Generation again! They admit to liking Daimon Tarr, the Ferengi design and the twist surrounding the planet being responsible for the ship’s predicament. They admit the episode falls apart when the Ferengi turn up on the planet. The Portal is decent but looks like a 90s He Man movie reject, Picard swears and Baz suggests a re-edit of The Last Outpost with Romulans instead!

The Battle

Baz introduces The Battle and Geoff notes that it is a far better episode than The Last Outpost and the Ferengi are much more like Quark. They debate the bizarre nature of headaches in this episode and the confusion around 24th century medicine. They also wonder just what was the purpose of Ensign ‘Wonder Kid’ Wesley in this episode and note the lack of Chief Engineer. Again!

They delve into the design of the Stargazer and the strong Reliant vibes, debate four nacelles, the stupidity of the crew not doing a full inventory and question what Picard had on Starfleet to go from this ship to the Enterprise D!

Baz and Geoff delve into the ‘three’ first contacts with the Ferengi and whether the Ferengi had great PR. They also question Daimon Bok’s plan and whether it was wise to do a non-typical Ferengi storyline this early after their debut. Both share their love for the resolution and the dramatic ‘Picard Maneuver’, Riker’s command style and Patrick Stewart’s performance.

The Ferengi after season one

Baz and Geoff wrap up their discussion by looking briefly at the reduced Ferengi appearances in The Next Generation, the great episodes of DS9 and their return in Lower Decks.

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Beyond Farpoint
Beyond Farpoint
7. I Don’t Know What The Director Was Thinking!