115. The Ascent

Perry and David make the perilous climb with Quark and Odo in “The Ascent..” Plus, countdown to Star Trek: First Contact!

The Fire Caves Podcast - A Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Podcast
The Fire Caves - A Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Podcast
115. The Ascent

What to expect from episode 115: The Ascent?


The Ascent, or how to climb a mountain poorly.

Quark is finally gonna get it.

Perry and David play catch up.

Where this story falls in the history.

What we learn about the Orion Syndicate.

Quark isn’t a member.

Piloting made easy.

Quark and Odo annoy one another.

Another Shuttle bites the dust.

Starfleet equipment isn’t as sturdy as we thought.

Perry and David talk planet classification.

The big climb.

Fun in nature.

Jake and Nog are back!

Jake moves out.

Sisko has empty nest syndrome.

The Other side of the habitat ring!

Nog inspires confidence.

Jake and Nog get their own place.

Nog is a dedicated cadet.

Jake is a lazy writer.

The life without financial drive of the 24th Century.

Jake and Nog work out.

Jake has had enough.

The boys fight.

Nog moves out, Jake has to live with his father once again.

The boys come to a compromise.

What Nog’s been up to at the Academy.

Fun with cleaning.

Odo and Quark are slowly dying.

Quark realizes Odo’s fishing expedition.

Odo breaks a leg.

It’s all up to Quark.

Odo’s last message. The Defiant to the rescue.

Quark the hero.

Final thoughts on their struggles and relationship.

Kira is still pregnant.

Perry and David discuss Odo and Quark.

The truth about Armin Shimmerman and René Auberjonois.

Upcoming Trek releases, and much more.

No more SAG-AFTRA.

Star Trek: First Contact.

Where to Watch.

Where to listen.

Coming up next for The Fire Caves.

The Contest! Win a medallion.

David’s next book.

Trek specials.

Upcoming Trek releases.

The Expanse.

Final thoughts on The Ascent.

And that’s the end for now!

Episode Credits


  • David Wampler
  • Perry Freeze


  • Perry Freeze

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The Fire Caves Podcast - A Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Podcast
The Fire Caves - A Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Podcast
115. The Ascent