6. The Janeway Sandwich

Katie and Kyle look at three new episodes of Star Trek, this time focusing on Deep Space Nine and Voyager. This week, they’re discussing DS9’s Captive Pursuit and Q-Less, with a Janeway filling in the middle: Voyager’s The Cloud.

Her First Trek: A Star Trek Review Podcast
Her First Trek: A Star Trek Review Podcast
6. The Janeway Sandwich

What to expect from episode 6: “The Janeway Sandwich”?

The episodes covered in this edition of Her First Trek are (DS9) “Captive Pursuit”, “Q-Less”, and (VOY) “The Cloud”.

Natasha Kaplinski

Following a discussion in their previous episode, Kyle and Katie confirm the existence of a news reporter named Natasha Kaplinski.

Kyle says that he never denied Natasha Kaplinski’s existence. He just didn’t believe Katie.

“If there’s anything you should not doubt me with, it’s my news readers.” Says Katie.

Serial Killers named Ted

Katie mentions that she is watching a Netflix documentary called The Confession Killer, which focuses on a serial killer named Henry Lee Lucas (note: Katie mistakenly refers to Lucas as Ted Kaczynski in this episode. Kaczynski was the Unibomber, not the Confession Killer. She watches too many documentaries about serial killers.)

Kyle cannot work out why there are so many American serial killers named Ted. He highlights Ted Bundy, and Ted Kaczynski.

“Don’t name your kids Ted, people.” Says Katie, after admitting that she personally likes the name.

Kyle would like to know if listeners know of any other serial killers named Ted.


This is the first episode of Her First Trek that has been released since Kyle launched his independent entertainment website, NerdSince86.com.

Kyle says that it is a safe place to enjoy your favourite TV shows and movies.

We’re Here to Talk Star Trek

“We’re here to talk Star Trek,” Kyle jokes.

It’s been 10 minutes of serial killers named Ted, hate of oysters, and more.

Deep Space Nine and Voyager

The previous episode focused on Star Trek: The Original Series, and Star Trek: The Next Generation. As such, this episode will be devoted to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager.

The Janeway Sandwich

As they will be discussing two episodes of Deep Space Nine, and one of Voyager, Kyle would like to start and finish with Deep Space Nine.

With Voyager as the filling, Katie names it The Janeway Sandwich.

Kyle describes the horrific experience he had with a sandwich, earlier in the day.

Captive Pursuit

Katie describes the plot of the Deep Space Nine episode, Captive Pursuit.

Miles O’Brien

“I give a shit about one of the characters!” Katie exclaims.

Until now, she has not been enamoured by the characters of the show. After this episode, she is a fan of Miles O’Brien.

She feels that his actions, in this episode, were admirable.

Kyle agrees that O’Brien is a decent guy. It’s a common trait among Irish people, from Kyle’s experience.


They discuss the make-up design for Tosk.

Kyle was impressed. He’s always relieved when a new alien has more than just a forehead piece.

“An 80s Klingon”

Katie discusses how her soul died earlier in the day, when Kyle said that she looked like “an 80s Klingon”.

Kyle defends himself, and says that he said it after she had come out of the shower, and had big hair.

The Cloud

They move onto Star Trek: Voyager’s first season episode, The Cloud.

Kyle draws attention to Voyager currently being Katie’s favourite of the legacy Star Trek shows.

They both detail the plot of the episode. “It was thin.”


On reflection, Katie doesn’t mind this episode. But, it mostly left her underwhelmed.

She can barely remember anything that happened in the episode.

At this point, Katie only cares about Captain Janeway. She hasn’t grown affection for any other characters, yet.


Katie is familiar with Q, the character, due to his appearance in Star Trek: The Next Generations “Encounter at Farpoint”.

Q-Less is the first time that Katie has seen Q, since that episode. He’s a very different character, from when she last saw him.

She has yet to see the rest of his TNG appearances that precede Q-Less.


Kyle loves how hard Q went down, when Sisko punched him.

Katie still can’t see Sisko as a badass, much to Kyle’s horror.

It’s a Slow One

After Kyle asks her if DS9 is improving, in her eyes, Katie says that “it’s a slow one”, but that she is enjoying it more.

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Her First Trek: A Star Trek Review Podcast
Her First Trek: A Star Trek Review Podcast
6. The Janeway Sandwich