7. You Never Forget Your First Spock

This week, Katie Harben’s first-ever viewing of legacy Star Trek episodes leads her and Kyle West to discuss scantily clad runners, whether Trill hosts should be responsible for the actions of their predecessors, 30cm wormholes, and much more.

Her First Trek: A Star Trek Review Podcast
Her First Trek: A Star Trek Review Podcast
7. You Never Forget Your First Spock

What to expect from episode 7: “You Never Forget Your First Spock”?

The episodes covered in this edition of Her First Trek are (TNG) “Justice”, (DS9) “Dax”, and (VOY) “Eye of the Needle”.

Great Feedback

Kyle opens the show by thanking listeners for the support that they have given the show, since launch.

He is very happy to report that they have received “great feedback” about the first six episodes of Her First Trek.

He Licked Her

Katie tells Kyle about an experience she had with their son, when she was putting him to bed.

As he was falling asleep, he licked her, and told her that he’d been waiting to lick her, because he likes the way she tastes, and he wanted to eat her.

Kyle jokes that if Harrison ever becomes a serial killer, they will be telling that particular story on some documentary.

Rest in Peace, Reno

In a sad piece of news, Kyle announces that the family dog, Reno, has passed away.

“Raise a glass for our babe,” Katie urges listeners.

Kyle says he misses Reno, and always will, before saying that they should move on to a cheerier topic. That topic turns out to be snow.

After Show

Whilst he promises not to plug it too often, Kyle speaks about his Nerd Since ’86 website, and how listeners can get an exclusive Her First Trek After Show with each standard episode release if they sign up to the Nerd Since ’86 Patreon page.


Katie chooses to start their reviews with Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s “Dax”.

We find out that Katie has been enjoying DS9’s storylines, but has not become fond of the characters, which has limited her enjoyment of the show.

Following a private request from podcaster Liam Smart, Kyle and Katie go old school, by having Katie give her own run down of the “Dax” plot.

The Spock

Have you ever heard of “spocking”? Kyle details this NSFW motivational tactic that his old boss used to use with he and his team.

Leave Jadzia Alone

They both enjoyed the big question of the episode, which was should Jadzia Dax be accountable for the actions of Curzon Dax, her previous host?

Katie was frustrated that Dax did not speak up for herself. Kyle admits that it “pissed” him off.

Jadzia is a character that Katie has started to identify with.

A Mutual Friend

The Dax and Sisko relationship in this episode was enjoyed by both hosts.

Kyle asks Katie if this episode finally dispelled Katie’s belief that there was sexual chemistry between Jadzia and Sisko. “A little,” she admits.

Not Quite So Detailed

Unlike her brilliant rundown of “Dax”, Katie says that her recap of “Justice” is “not quite so detailed.”

They’ve All Gone There To Have Sex

Kyle wonders if the planet, featured in this episode, was Gene Roddenberry’s own personal idea of a perfect shore leave.

“They’ve all gone there to have sex!” he says.

Defending the Inhabitants

They both agree that Wesley did a bit more than just step on some grass that he shouldn’t have, given he destroyed some flower beds.

The reaction of the inhabitants may have been ever-so-slightly OTT, that said.

No Finish

“A lot of build up, and no finish,” says Kyle, about the episode.

“It was ridiculous,” Katie adds. She liked the idea of the episode, in theory.

The execution, along with the unnecessary outfits, and free love, turned it into a damp squid for her.

We Aren’t Prudes

The over-sexualisation in TOS, and TNG’s early episodes, is troublesome for Kyle.

“We aren’t prudes,” he says, revealing that he and Katie watched 50 Shades of Grey as their Christmas Eve movie.

Trek’s over-sexualisation of women hasn’t sat well with either of them.

Think of your School Ruler

Kyle runs down the plot of “Eye of the Needle”, a Star Trek: Voyager episode. This includes discussion of the 30cm wide wormhole that Voyager encounters.

“Think of your school ruler,” he says, to give an idea of how small the wormhole is.

A Classic Episode

This has always been a favourite episode for Kyle, because of the big twist at the end. He thinks it is a classic episode, but perhaps not a great one.

Katie wasn’t quite as into it. “It was fine.”

You Never Forget Your First Spock

Tuvok is Katie’s least favourite Vulcan in Star Trek. Kyle isn’t a fan, either.

T’Pol is Kyle’s favourite, whilst Katie is torn between T’Pol and Ethan Peck’s Spock. She believes Peck is her first Spock, until she’s reminded that she saw Zachary Quinto as Spock, before Peck.

Which Ship Would You Rather Serve On?

On a complete side track, they discuss which Star Trek starship they would rather serve on, and in what role.

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Her First Trek: A Star Trek Review Podcast
Her First Trek: A Star Trek Review Podcast
7. You Never Forget Your First Spock