19. Where’s the Writer’s Cut?

On the twentieth anniversary of its first release, Geoff and Baz look at Star Trek Nemesis with a critical eye to see if the events of Star Trek: Picard have changed their opinion.

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19. Where's the Writer's Cut?

What to expect from episode 19: Where’s the Writer’s Cut?


Geoff and Baz return from their hiatus and announce they will be talking about the tenth Star Trek movie, the very divisive Star Trek Nemesis.


Geoff and Baz discuss the strange directorial choices of Stuart Baird, and how they wish that the film could be re-edited using a cut from the writer and Star Trek fan John Logan instead.

Romulans and a Wedding

Geoff and Baz discuss the movie’s incredible opening scene as the senators of Romulus are turned to ash, before turning their attention to the events of Will Riker and Deanna Troi’s wedding. They talk about the return of Guinan and Wesley, along with Worf’s status with the crew of the Enterprise.

Data and B-4

Geoff talks enthusiastically about the Argo, and realises that the scene has connections to two of his other passions, motorsports and retro gaming, before discussing the acting choices of Brent Spiner playing the early Data prototype model, B-4.

Tom Hardy

Geoff and Baz talk about Shinzon actor Tom Hardy and his career both before and following Star Trek Nemesis and are pleased that although the movie affected Hardy, his career has come on tremendously since.

They also look at other actors who were considered early on when casting Shinzon and imagine how actors more famous for Stargate SG-1, The Talented Mr. Ripley and Buffy the Vampire Slayer would have played him.


Geoff and Baz also talk about Remans and the Dominion War, the possible start of the decline of the Romulan Empire, Admiral Janeway, the disturbing Shinzon and Troi scene and the movie’s less than stellar performance in the box office.

The hosts bring the show to a close by announcing their next couple of episodes, which will focus on Professor Moriarty and Lore.

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  • Baz Greenland
  • Geoff Owen


  • Geoff Owen

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19. Where's the Writer's Cut?