2. Q, the Clown Prince of Star Trek

In episode two of Beyond Farpoint, Baz Greenland and Geoff Owen discuss recurring character Q, looking at John De Lancie’s performance, examining his appearances in Star Trek: The Next Generation and beyond, and muse on his return in Picard season two.

Beyond Farpoint
Beyond Farpoint
2. Q, the Clown Prince of Star Trek


Baz Greenland starts the show, introducing himself and Geoff Owen. Baz tells listeners that this episode will look at recurring character Q, discussing his appearances in Star Trek: The Next Generation and beyond

Picard Season 2

Baz and Geoff discuss John De Lancie‘s return as Q in Picard season two. Will he be wiser? Will he be a trickster or antagonist? And will season two be the The Wrath of Khan to season one’s The Motion Picture?

Q’s debut in Encounter at Farpoint

Geoff says Q was a marite character for some – his dad hated him, but Geoff loved having him return. He was a regular foil for Picard. Baz notes that even in the pilot, there are hints that Q’s trial of humanity isn’t over.

Favourite and Weakest Episodes

Baz asks Geoff what his favourite Q episode is. For Geoff, its Tapestry, with some of the best Q lines. Baz struggles to decide between Q Who, Tapestry and All Good Things, but ultimately the series finale wins out.

Hide and Q

Baz and Geoff agree Riker’s transformation into a horrible person doesn’t make much sense and maybe the episode should have come several seasons later when we (and Riker) knew the crew better. What was Riker’s gifts to the crew all about? Will Wheaton doesn’t look like that!

Q Who

Baz and Geoff touch upon the debut of two-episode character Sonya Gomez and the introduction of the Borg. Baz asks if Q was responsible for the Federation making contact with the Borg? Or was it Voyager’s The Raven, Enterprise’s Regeneration or First Contact? They also discuss the interesting relationship between Q and Guinan and how they would love to see that continue in Picard season two.

Deja Q

Baz and Geoff agree that this is perhaps the most fun Q episode. They love him trying to convince the crew he’s human and Guinan’s test. Baz also suggests it would have been a fitting end to Q’s journey. They also discuss the first appearance of another Q in Star Trek, played by Corbin Bensen.

Q-Pid and Q-Less

Geoff picks out his favourite moments and Baz agrees that there are scenes that are a lot fun, even if the episode drags out too long.

Baz also doesn’t understand why the sequel to this episode was done in Deep Space Nine (Q-Less). The scene with Sisko aside, it doesn’t really work at all. Baz and Geoff also debate why this happens after The Next Generation’s True Q chronologically.

True Q

Geoff likes this episode – and the character of Amanda – more than he remembered. They both agree that True Q is a little too obvious in terms of the narrative.

Was Amanda not being able to give up her powers seen as a punishment by the Q, or a plot hole? Geoff also notes that the Q storylines tend to take a darker turn from this point in the franchise. Baz asks if the absence of Q in season 5 was a need to shake things up?


Baz and Geoff are both in agreement that this episode is great and discuss Picard’s relationship with Marsha and where it might have gone beyond the episode.

All Good Things

Baz and Geoff talk about the relationship between Picard and Crusher and how great it is to see her as a captain in the future. They debate the Troi and Worf romance and love the suped up Enterprise D and the re-do of the pilot episode.

Geoff shares a theory that happened at the time All Good Things aired where it was suggested Q had manipulated everything that had happened over the seven seasons.

Q on Star Trek: Voyager

Baz suggests Q never really works on Voyager because he could have sent them back to the Alpha Quadrant at any time. They both agree that Q feels different here to his role on The Next generation and that Death Wish is the best of the three because of how it handles the emotive topic of assisted suicide.

Both agree that the American Civil War reenactment and Voyager’s involvement with the Q Continuum in The Q and the Grey is dire. Q2 is fun but ultimately a little forgettable.

Veritas and The Q Gambit

Baz loved seeing Q back in Lower Decks as his role fizzled out after The Next Generation. They loved the relationship with Mariner and would love to see her referenced by Q in Picard.

Geoff talks about the Eaglemoss graphic novel and the Kelvin universe twist, which Bas says sounds amazing.

Coming Up

The next episode will look at mental health in Star Trek as Baz chats with guest (and wife) Gemma..

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Beyond Farpoint
Beyond Farpoint
2. Q, the Clown Prince of Star Trek