The Fluffernutter – An Expeditionary Force Podcast

Welcome to The Fluffernutter, a dedicated podcast on all things related to the Expeditionary Force book series by Craig Alanson.

Episode list

The Fluffernutter Episode 1 1. Columbus Day October 12, 2020 - Episode 1, Columbus Day of The Fluffernutter reviews Columbus Day, book one of the Expeditionary Force book series by Craig Alanson. Steve (AKA MidNite Shadow) and Nathan are joined by…
The Fluffernutter Episode 0 0. Trust the Awesomeness of the Expeditionary Force October 1, 2020 - Trust the awesomeness of the monkeys of Earth to create a podcast about the Expeditionary Force book series by Craig Alanson. Two fans of the book and audiobook series have…

Small Print

This podcast is a fan production. Craig Alanson owns the Expeditionary Force series, and all related marks, logos and characters.

Clips from the Expeditionary Force series audiobooks are done so under the fair use doctrine.

Audio used from the audiobooks is published through Podium Audio, distributed through Audible, and narrated by R.C. Bray.

Theme music is titled “Rescue Mission” by artist Lupus Nocte, licenced by Holosuite Media through Epidemic Sound. Remixed by Steve Roberts.

The Fluffernutter, Holosuite Media, the website, the promotion thereof and any exhibition of material created by The Fluffernutter, Holosuite Media, or The Fluffernutter team are not endorsed or sponsored by or affiliated with Craig Alanson.

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