108. The Ship

David and Perry discuss The Ship that crash lands and contains a very expensive, dangerous secret. Plus, alien culture wars!

The Fire Caves - A Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Podcast
The Fire Caves - A Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Podcast
108. The Ship

What to expect from episode 108: The Ship?


The Ship, or how to land poorly.

Hostile negotiations with a different kind of enemy.

Worf and O’Brien disagree.

Dax tells a joke, no one laughs.

Mineral Scouting mission goes wrong.

Sisko loses a lot of people.

Worf and Jadzia.

Enrique bleeds over everything.

We meet a Female Vorta.

Peace Talks and subterfuge.

What everyone is after.

Chief O’Brien has a hard time fixing The Ship.

Sisko tries to keep a cool head.

Enemy in their midst’s.

What happened to the first crew?

Burying their enemies.

Just how many people are on this mission?

Enrique hallucinates.

Worf and O’Brien are at it again.

Sisko puts everyone in their place.

Trying to salvage the ship.

Not much luck.

Shelling going off everywhere.

What’s happening back on the station.

Odo, Quark, and Bashir walk into Kira’s office.

Quark is a scoundrel no matter what.

The briefest scenes in history.

Best things about this episode.

Worst things about this episode.

Perry and David updates.

Whats next for The Fire Caves.

When do we return to The Expanse?

Fun in the multiverse?

What we would like to see.

Perry tells some Trek lore.

The differences in Sisko today vs season one.
Lessons we learn about our enemies.

The true value of The Ship.

An enemy within.

Final thoughts.

The end.

Episode Credits


  • David Wampler
  • Perry Freeze


  • Perry Freeze

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The Fire Caves - A Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Podcast
The Fire Caves - A Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Podcast
108. The Ship