75. Shakaar

Perry and David talk about Freedom Fighter Shakaar, his uprising, and the beginning of the end of Kai Winn! Plus, O’Brien needs surgery!

The Fire Caves - A Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Podcast
The Fire Caves - A Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Podcast
75. Shakaar

What to expect from episode 75: Shakaar?


Shakaar, far better than Bareil!

Kai Winn is nice but infuriatingly so.

Back to Bajor.

Shakaar radiates the personality Bareil wishes he had.

Old tales of the Resistance.

Kai Winn is back at it again.

Perry wants a Duranja.

What we learn of the state of Bajor.

Kira the mediator.

Back into the mountains, caves and hills.

Freedom Fighters once more.

Sisko cannot help, Kai Winn is enraged.

The excellence of Louise Fletcher.

Kira the fighter.

Struggling to separate church and state.

Combined powers corrupt Kai Winn.

Perry and David discuss their weeks.

Perry is having a hard time with The Expanse.

David is into non-fiction.

What is happening in New Trek.

Star Trek Picard is fantastic.

Can’t wait for Worf!

Technical difficulties on social media.

The Gaslighting of Kai Winn.

Kira is pissed.

O’Brien and “The Zone.”

The man is on a hot streak!

Quark senses an opportunity.

Perry and David make projections.

Bajoran against Bajoran.

Complexity of a life of conflict.

They just want to be farmers.

Forel and Lupaza are crazy. You can see that, right?

The Beginning of the End of Kai Winn’s dominance.

Colonel Lenaris Holem makes an impression.

The rounding up of the military leaders.

Kira presents an alternative.

Kai Winn isn’t happy.

Shakaar to be the First Minister, a cool coup!

Kai Winn foiled, Lenaris leading the military, Kira back on the station.

The Fire Caves After Dark plans.

Countdown to the end of season 3.

What’s next.

Episode Credits


  • David Wampler
  • Perry Freeze


  • Perry Freeze

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The Fire Caves - A Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Podcast
The Fire Caves - A Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Podcast
75. Shakaar