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44. The Xindi – Full Episode Review

Perry Freeze is joined by Jordan Brown, and Kris Hill, to discuss the Season 3 premiere of Star Trek: Enterprise, “The Xindi.” Comparisons to other Star Trek shows come up, as well as the line Perry is not willing to cross if he were in Starfleet.

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44. The Xindi - Full Episode Review

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What’s in Episode 44, “The Xindi – Full Episode Review”

A Bit of Business

Perry starts the show off by introducing himself, Kris, and Jordan and talks about the episode of discussion.

Kris gives the Patreon information.

The Week That Was

Before giving the rundown of the episode, Kris asks how everyone has been.

Jordan says he’s doing well after contracting Covid.

Perry talks about how he’s waiting on the CDC to authorize the vaccine for his daughter before getting it.

Kris talks about his last week at work.

He goes on to talk about his reaction to his second dose.

Perry asks about anyone Kris knew that had a more severe reaction and Kris brings up his better half’s experience.

Jordan talks about his struggle with hesitancy for the vaccine.

Episode Rundown

Kris runs down the episode.

He was suspicious of the foreman of the mining facility.

Xindi Council

Perry brings up that this was the first time we saw the Xindi Council.

Kris enjoyed the look they went with for the Xindi.

Jordan wasn’t sure which was the Xindi and which was the allies at first.

Cool Affects of the Expanse

Perry enjoyed the cargo bay scene and how everything was a bit odd.

Jordan talks about how he also enjoyed and then discusses what the mining planet was famous for.

Slimy Slave Master

Perry wonders if we ever learned what species the foreman was.

He goes on to detail the line he wouldn’t cross as a member of Starfleet (wading through alien waste).

No Decon Chamber

Kris speculates that the reason we didn’t have a Decon Chamber Scene was because it was Trip and Archer that went down.

This seemed in line with Berman decisions at the time.

Surprise Guest

Kris brings up that the foreman was played by Senator Vreenak from In the Pale Moonlight.

Jordan and Perry bring up how they didn’t realize it while watching.


Perry brings up that this is the first time we see the MACOs.

Kris loved it as it brought forward his beloved Marine Corps into Star Trek.

Jordan liked it as well.

Star Trek Beyond connection

Jordan brings up the interesting choice to use Krall as a former MACO turned Starfleet Captain.

They trio discuss how Krall could have actually been on the NX-01 during this season.


Star Trek is full of it and they all enjoy how things tie together and the books also help to flesh out the universe.

Hoshi and the MACOs

Perry messes up where one of the MACOs was from.

He thought it was Daluth, GA when it was in fact Daluth, MN.

Kris really enjoyed the scene.

Perry doesn’t like sass written in.

Jordan enjoyed it and liked the new look for Hoshi.

The Attempted Takeover

Perry brings up that we get to see a bit of a different side to Archer.

Jordan likens Archer to Kirk in this episode, but Archer kept his shirt on.

Kris enjoyed the interactions between Archer and the MACOs.

Fighting in Trek

Perry likes what we saw in this episode as it doesn’t seem to be as staged as previous ones.

Archer Sets the Example

Perry details how Archer makes Star Trek more relatable.

Archer is the one that sets the example for all of the following captains

More Time with Mayweather

Kris wanted more for Travis to do in this episode.

Lack of Full Run

The lack of a full seven seasons was a disservice to the other characters.

Lost Potential

Kris brings up the point that the writers could have shown how Boomers dealt with The Xindi Attack.

Naming Conventions

Perry brings up that we should have had the Vulcan term for the Neural Pressure treatments

Favorite Moments and Final Thoughts

Kris’ favorite moments were the Hoshi scene at the beginning and Reed and Archer’s shock at being handed a finger.

He goes on to say it’s not the strongest premiere, but is a good one.

Jordan’s moments were the Hoshi scene as well and the introduction to the Xindi character.

He thinks it’s the strongest premiere.

Perry’s moments were the foreshadowing of the anomalies they’ll encounter and Trip and Archer crawling through the alien waste.

He has it in the middle.

Next Episode

Season three will continue with Anomaly.

Episode Credits


  • Jordan Brown
  • Kris Hill
  • Perry Freeze


  • Kris Hill

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The Expanse Podcast
The Expanse - An Enterprise Podcast
44. The Xindi - Full Episode Review