25. Star Trek: First Contact – Full Review (Resistance is Futile, Part 2)

In the 2nd week of the Resistance Is Futile mini-series, Kris Hill and Kyle West take a close look at Star Trek: First Contact. This movie reinvented the Borg and forever changed the portrayal of the Borg in Star Trek. What did Kris and Kyle think?

The Expanse - An Enterprise Podcast
The Expanse - An Enterprise Podcast
25. Star Trek: First Contact - Full Review (Resistance is Futile, Part 2)

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What is in Episode 25. Star Trek: First Contact – Full Review (Resistance is Futile, Part 2)?

Awkward Introduction

Kris Hill introduced listeners to the show, however, when introducing Kyle West, a reference to the topic flew over Kyle’s head for a bit.

Until Kris explained it, Kyle was thinking of an earlier part in the movie.

Another Deal Struck

Kyle continues to take a ribbing for not participating in the writers’ room episodes and Kris lets Kyle know that Kyle can bring up the fact he has missed a show when that happens

Ratings and Rantings

The pair talk about the socials and update the ratings. They talk about the podcast calendar Kris set up to help fans know when pods drop and the controversy that came up a few weeks previous.

Down and Dirty Overview

Kyle does a quick overview of TNG’s most popular movie.


After mentions of Borg Sandwich and Shaxs’ Smorgasborg training program mentioned by Kris, Kyle adds in another: Borg Threeway.

The Borg Necessities

The gents come up with their own essential Borg episodes.

First Contact with First Contact

First Contact came about eleven years apart. Kyle saw it underaged in theatres, while Kris watched it on DVD. They talk about their Trek Movie experiences as well.

Vaccine Talk

With the upcoming 25th Anniversary of First Contact, Kris speculates that CBS/Paramount may do a special release. The pair endorse vaccination to make sure it does happen and Kris draws comparisons to Titanic.

Visual Buildup

After more viewings, Kyle realizes that the newer look for the Borg had been shown in the opening even though everything was building to the big reveal later in the movie.

Great Makeup

The horrific new style was on full display during the Data skin grafting scene.

Master of Searching

Kris answers Kyle’s 24-year burning question of when he actually saw the film.

Wrath of Borg

The Yank declares that the way they set up the Borg in the film and now knowing the full backstory, The Revenge of the Borg is a better concept than The Wrath of Khan when it comes to revenge stories.

Blockbuster Budget, Blockbuster Ship

Kyle gives love to the Enterprise-E but brings up questions of emotional attachment. Kris compares it to moving up the destruction of the Refit Enterprise in the movies

Movies: Ranked

Both Kyle and Kris agree that First Contact is the best of the TNG films. They differ on the locations in their top 5 of the all 13, though.

Borg Queen Theories, Revisited

Kris believes that the Queen has a drone that can be used as her representative.

Building and Forging of the Picard/Data Bound

The pair talk about how the seeds for the dedication we see from Picard to Data in Picard were planted in First Contact.

Revealing of the First Aliens to Contact Earth

The gents think it was an obvious choice.

Alfie Woodard Lovefest

The pair talk about how great the character of Lily is and how well of a portrayal Alfie did.

Final Thoughts

Kyle discusses his theory if they started out with First Contact instead of Generations. Kris gives it 5 out of 5 Tough Little Ships and sees that phrase as a dig at DS9 from the TNG writers.

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  • Kris Hill
  • Kyle West


  • Kris Hill

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The Expanse - An Enterprise Podcast
The Expanse - An Enterprise Podcast
25. Star Trek: First Contact - Full Review (Resistance is Futile, Part 2)