27. Emancipation – Season 5 Writers’ Room

In episode twenty-seven of THE EXPANSE – A STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE PODCAST, Kris Hill is joined by Brandi Jackola to return to the Writers’ Room for a mid-season episode.

The Expanse - An Enterprise Podcast
The Expanse - An Enterprise Podcast
27. Emancipation - Season 5 Writers' Room

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What is in Episode 27, “Emancipation – Season 5 Writers’ Room”?


Kris Hill introduces Brandi Jackola before himself causes the pair to discuss how they do intros

Kris sets up what the episode will be about and gives the socials and the Patreon location.

The New Aliens

Kris describes the aliens shown in the artwork. He also goes into how the planet looks.

What Natural Resource is Here?

The pair come to the same conclusion of using Pergium as the natural resource.

Naming the Planet

The planet is named after Grace Lee Whitney and Dave Galanter

The Cold Open

Hoshi starts by asking to do more than answering the phones.

Discussing the Opening Themes

Kris was kind of expecting the In a Mirror, Darkly theme for Terra Firma, part 2.

Tella Wants Revenge

With her fellow Tellarites attacked, Tella wants to find out who attacked and get revenge.

The Landing Party

Hoshi’s team sets down on a neighbouring continent to explore. Kris figures out a way to solve the mysteries of the Universal Translator using holographic technology.

Not Playing Favorites

Tella wants to go down, but Archer says no. Shran thinks he’s a lock, but Archer decides against that as well.

T’Pol is the only non-human in the party.

Shran gets his quips in.

Love for Shuttlepod Two

The party uses Shuttlepod Two since it didn’t get much use prior to “Season 5”.

Society Formed

Civilization has been made. It is similar to 1800s Earth, but not as religious

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Hoshi sets down the groundwork.

No more gentrification as Kris mixes up some words.

The party meets the Governor, Vizus, and Reed forgets where he is for a bit.

Hamilton Makes an Appearance

Kris professes his Hamilton: The Musical kick and that inspires a name.

T’Pol warns about cultural contamination.

Sabotage on Shuttlepod Two

Well, more like a tracking and listening device was found placed on the shuttlepod.

The antagonist, Ben’Ar, wants to take over the planet and the guest star Orion is played by Chris Jericho and named Jerwhal.

No Time for Space OSHA

Both Jerwhal and Ben’Ar have no regard for safety.

Visit to the Enterprise

The Orions attack our beloved ship without realizing their info is way out of date.

After the attack, Tella finds the plant trying to justify why she should have been on the mission.

Final Showdown

A major fight ensues on the planet, with Vizus and the Enterprise crew win the day.

Recap and Sign off

Brandi recaps the episode and states where she can be found on the internet.

Episode Credits


  • Kris Hill
  • Kyle West


  • Brandi Jackola


  • Kris Hill

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The Expanse - An Enterprise Podcast
The Expanse - An Enterprise Podcast
27. Emancipation - Season 5 Writers' Room