6. SciFi in Starlog Magazine Issues 11 and 12

Nayr, Kavura, & guests discuss the science fiction articles that were in Starlog magazine issues 11 and 12, originally published in 1978. Highlights: The Prisoner, Superman, Star Wars, and more!

6. SciFi in Starlog Magazine Issues 11 and 12

What is in Episode 6, “SciFi in Starlog Magazine Issues 11 and 12”?

British TV Show The Prisoner

Anthony Rooney will examine tv’s most controversial sci-fi series – The Prisoner!

Logan’s Run

Paul Haber tells us what went wrong with the Logan’s Run TV Series through the eyes of David Gerrold.

Superman: The Movie

Billy Hogan chronicles the activities of Superman: The Movie producer Ilya Salkind.

Jim Shooter of Marvel Comics

Did Star Wars save Marvel in the 70s?
Former Marvel Comics Editor in Chief Jim Shooter discusses the connection between Science Fiction and Comic Books. We interviewed him at the Huntsville Comic and Pop Culture Expo.

Creating the Death Star

Nathan Allan covers the amazing computer vector animation that Larry Cuba used in creating the Death Star!

1970s TV Superheroes

Kevin Packard is joined by Grant Baciocco to discuss the Superhero shows of the 1970s.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind and More!

All this, plus Close Encounters of the Third Kind, UFOs. Makeup Artists Stewart Freeborn, Rick Baker, Dan Striepeke, Dick Smith. The Pressman Movie & TV Makeup Kit and more!

Episode Credits


  • Kavura
  • Nayr


  • Anthony Rooney
  • Paul Haber
  • Billy Hogan
  • Jim Shooter
  • Nathan Allan
  • Kevin Packard
  • Grant Baciocco


  • Nayr
  • Kavura

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6. SciFi in Starlog Magazine Issues 11 and 12