9. French Revolution Pigs

In “French Revolution Pigs”, Katie Harben and Kyle West discuss four episodes of the legacy Star Trek shows, picked from Voyager, and The Next Generation. What did Katie think of the return of Q? Did Dixon Hill get a thumbs up? That, and more!

Her First Trek - A Star Trek Review Podcast
Her First Trek: A Star Trek Review Podcast
9. French Revolution Pigs

What to expect from Episode 9, “French Revolution Pigs”?

The episodes covered in this edition of Her First Trek are (TNG) Hide and Q, Haven, The Big Goodbye, and (VOY) Ex Post Facto.

The Woman, the Myth, the Legend

Katie welcomes listeners to the show. She calls herself “the Woman, the Myth, the Legend.”.

Following that, they have a fun conversation about ego. Kyle is adamant that, despite accusations his entire life, he does not have a big ego.

Admittedly, he gives off the aura of someone who does, he says.

10km Walk

Katie was out this morning, enjoying a 10km walk with a friend. They were walking down Cardiff Bay.

Alcohol and Medication

Katie and Kyle are having to record this episode whilst their children are awake, which isn’t how they usually do it. Therefore, there may be some background noise from the children, in this episode.

Hide and Q

Neither host is sure what the name of the episode had to do with the episode itself.

They pitch some names that they think would’ve been a better fit, including Q-Up.

Next, Katie provides her verbal recap of the plot for Hide and Q. During this, she affectionately names the aliens of the episode as French Revolution Pigs. That’s a pretty accurate description, too.

Riker was Tempted

Just like Riker, Katie believes she would be tempted by Q’s powers, too.

Kyle thinks Jean-Luc Picard needs to stop referring to Riker by his first name, if he’s going to take issue with being called Jean-Luc.

Where Was Everyone?

Neither host knows where the rest of the non-Bridge crew were, whilst Picard was alone on the Bridge.

Is this How you Mate?

A favourite moment of Katie’s, is the Klingon mate that appears on the Bridge, allegedly for Worf’s enjoyment.

They loved the horrified “Is this how you mate?” line, directed at Worf.

A Little Bit Gene Roddenberry

Tasha declaring that if Picard was not the Captain, she would make sexual advances on him, made Katie and Kyle look at each other in surprise. It didn’t fit.

“It was a little bit Gene Roddenberry.” Says Katie.

It was Okay

Both hosts enjoy the episode, but had some small issues.

Kyle doesn’t like the scenes on the planet, whereas Katie is yet to warm to Q.

Ex Post Facto

You’ll never hear the Star Trek: Voyager episode Ex Post Facto referred to by its name, in this podcast. Kyle had wrongly referred to it as State of Flux, so bleeped out the error throughout.

As usual, Katie runs down the plot from her perspective.

Super Sherlock

Kyle thinks that Tuvok’s description of what events really took place, during the murder of the scientist, was very much like an Agatha Christie story.

A Vile-Looking Dog

“There was also a vile-looking dog in this episode.” Says Kyle. Admittedly, it looks better than the dog that they saw used in Star Trek: The Original Series’ The Enemy Within, a few weeks ago.

Savage, or Appropriate?

Katie initially describes the punishment that Tom Paris suffers as savage.

Really Enjoyed this One

Kyle really enjoyed this one. Katie agrees, calls it very good.


They loved seeing Prison Break’s T-Bag in this episode. Thankfully, the actor wasn’t actually playing that particular evil character.

The Riker and Troi Situation

They discuss how they enjoyed that the audience finds out more about Riker and Troi’s previous relationship.

As she knows how the story ends (Star Trek: Picard), Katie enjoyed the drama between Riker and Troi here.

Naked Wedding

Kyle would like to see Lwaxana Troi naked at a wedding. Although, he’d be more interested in Troi.

Katie says that she’d be more interested in seeing Worf at a naked wedding. She’s curious about Klingon physiology, since Star Trek: Discovery established that male Klingons have two penises.

Despite that, she wouldn’t want her upcoming wedding to Kyle to be a naked wedding. Neither of them think people would want to see them naked!

Thumbs Up

Katie gave this one a very strong rating. Available via the Nerd Since ’86 Patreon supporter page.

The Big Goodbye

They both talk through the plot.

Kyle noticed that the author of the Dixon Hill novel had the same name as the writer who wrote the screenplay for this episode.


Katie loves Beverly Crusher’s outfit on the Holodeck.

Joking that he has used the word too many times, today, Kyle says that Crusher and Picard were both clearly thirsty for each other, in his episode.

South American Data

They both loved the Holodeck exchange, where Picard tells some holograms that Data looks different [and behaves differently, because he is from South America.

Really liked it

When asked for her final thoughts on the episode, Katie admits that she really liked it.

It’s another thumbs up.

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  • Katie Harben
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Her First Trek - A Star Trek Review Podcast
Her First Trek: A Star Trek Review Podcast
9. French Revolution Pigs