10. Nice Juicy Spiderweb Body

In “Nice Juicy Spiderweb Body”, Katie picks her dream Star Trek crew, combining officers from The Next Generation, and Voyager. Her and Kyle discuss their wedding plans. Also, reviews of Move Along Home, Emanations, and What Are Little Girls Made Of?

Her First Trek - A Star Trek Review Podcast
Her First Trek: A Star Trek Review Podcast
10. Nice Juicy Spiderweb Body

What to expect from Episode 10: “Nice Juicy Spiderweb Body”?

The episodes covered in this edition of Her First Trek are (TOS) What Are Little Girls Made Of?, (DS9) Move Along Home, and (VOY) Emanations.

10th Episode

Kyle West begins the show, and mentions that this is the 10th episode of Her First Trek. Time is flying by!

Wedding Music

Although they previously stated (on a Blast Shield!) that they planned to use the Star Trek: Picard theme tune in their wedding, Kyle and Katie reveal that they can no longer do that.

This is a result of the type of wedding ceremony they are going for, which only allows a small selection of music choices.

Katie is disappointed. She loves the Star Trek: Picard theme music.

Kyle plans to wear his Star Trek cufflinks during the ceremony, to keep Star Trek represented at their wedding.

Injured Kyle

It turns out that Kyle is currently nursing a knee injury. Embarrassingly, he did it by simply trying to stand up from a squatting position.

Katie’s Favourite Star Trek Show

Kyle asks Katie which of the four legacy Star Trek shows is her favourite.

It’s a tough call, but she thinks Star Trek: Voyager edges out Star Trek: The Next Generation. Just.

Dream Crew

As she struggled to choose between the two shows, Kyle wants Katie to pick her ideal Star Trek crew, choosing from only TNG and VOY.

The line-up she settles on, after much discussion, is:

Admiral: Picard; Captain: Janeway; XO: Riker; Tactical: Yar; Helm: Paris; Operations: Data; Chief Morale Officer: Troi; Engineering: Torres; Medical: EMH.

Worf would be floating around, like in Star Trek: The Next Generation season one.


Neither of them know what the word “emanations” means. They assume it must be something to do with the After Life, given the topic of this Star Trek: Voyager episode.

Nice Juicy Spiderweb Body

During her rundown of the episode plot, Katie unintentionally names this podcast episode, “Nice Juicy Spiderweb Body”.

Juicy because, as Katie says, the woman had only just died.


An Inconvenience to His Family

Both Kyle and Katie found it brutal that the alien guest star was going to “die” simply because he had a bad knee.

They think that he likely could take care of himself, but clearly was an inconvenience to his family, who encouraged him to move over to the After Life.

Is This The After Life?

Emanations gave Kyle a big headache, when it made him question whether we may actually be living in the After Life for other creatures.

Head. Blown.

Chakotay’s Beliefs

Kyle thought that this would be a Chakotay episode, from how it began. Katie likes Harry Kim, so was happy that it turned out to be a Kim episode.

They both liked how Chakotay insisted that the Away Team do not disturb the remains of the bodies they found on the asteroid. Presumably, this was due to Chakotay’s beliefs.

The Nose

Katie raised a topic that must be discussed: the nose of the aliens. It stressed Kyle out straight away.

He wonders how the aliens deal with runny noses, during cold weather, given all the little ridges underneath their nostrils.

Final Thoughts

Katie really enjoyed the episode. It had all the things she enjoys in a Star Trek episode.

Move Along Home

Much to Katie’s surprise, Kyle introduces Move Along Home as a Star Trek classic. Upon hearing her disbelief, he clarifies that it is a classic “for all of the wrong reasons”.

Katie breaks down the plot. She’s not especially enthusiastic about having to do this.

Not One of Katie’s Favourites

“Diabolical” is how Katie describes this episode, but isn’t sure that is strong enough a word.

They watched this one in bed. When Kyle went to put it on, he became nervous when he realised which episode this was.

They both agree that it is the worst episode of Deep Space Nine, so far.

Favourite Scene

Kyle says that he did manage to have a favourite scene, in this episode. “Was it the closing credits?” jokes Katie.

It wasn’t the credits. Instead, it was the first scene of the episode, between Benjamin Sisko and Jake Sisko.

Bad Direction

Kyle feels that the direction of the episode was poor.

Katie wonders if the main alien guest star was directed to play his character the way he did. If so, it was an awful decision, she says.

How Did the Game Work?

Neither of them know how the game actually works.

Katie has no idea how the alien guest star could appear within the game, when he was also in Quark’s Bar at the same time.

It Wasn’t Great

After Kyle disallows Katie’s final description of the episode as being a “dive”, she settles on “It wasn’t great”.

She’s horrified when Kyle tells her that the next Deep Space Nine episode will be a Ferengi one. “Great”.

What Are Little Girls Made Of?

Before they get into their discussion of this episode, Kyle recounts the recent issues both he and Katie have had with Star Trek: The Original Series, specifically the way it has treated female characters.

With this in mind, Kyle was worried when he saw the name of this episode. Katie admits that she felt the same, when she saw it.

The name ended up having nothing to do with the episode content. Kyle wonders if it comes from a story. Katie confirms that it is from a nursery rhyme.

One Kiss From Kirk

Katie was a little unimpressed that the show tried to show how great the androids were, before showing how one kiss from Kirk could cause absolute chaos amongst the bad guys.

Link to Star Trek: Discovery?

Kirk calls Spock a “half-breed” in this episode. Kyle likes to think that this moment came about from Kirk knowing of Spock’s experience with Star Trek: Discovery’s Michael Burnham.

It’s officially head canon, moving forward.

Katie Enjoyed It!

After a few recent blips, Katie enjoyed this episode!

She didn’t have any particular favourite parts, but just liked the episode as a whole. The scenes between Roger and Kirk were good, she adds.

Nurse Chapel

“She’s very nice,” Katie says of Nurse Chapel.

Kyle lists Majel Roddenberry’s other Star Trek roles, both before and after the role of Nurse Chapel. He and Katie are amazed at how young she still looked, by the time she appears on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

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  • Katie Harben
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  • Kyle West

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Her First Trek - A Star Trek Review Podcast
Her First Trek: A Star Trek Review Podcast
10. Nice Juicy Spiderweb Body