24. “…Must Come to an End”

In the final episode of Beyond Farpoint, Baz and Geoff revisit the original Star Trek: The Next Generation finale, All Good Things.

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Beyond Farpoint
24. "...Must Come to an End"

What to expect from episode 24: “…Must Come to an End”?

Final Log

Baz Greenland and Geoff Owen share their thoughts on the last two years of Beyond Farpoint, their Star Trek: The Next Generation journey, and thank the listeners and Steve Roberts and Kyle West at Holosuite Media.

The original finale for Picard

Baz and Geoff discuss their general thoughts on All Good Things as a finale to Star Trek: The Next Generation, its legacy, and how it fares in light of the movies and the conclusion to Star Trek: Picard.

Time Travel and the original future timeline

Baz and Geoff delve into the set up of All Good Things and their favourite moments from all three timelines, including an older Data in Cambridge University and the return of Tasha Yar! They also compare the future timeline in the episode against Star Trek: Picard.

The Trial Isn’t Over

They also delve into the return of Q and the ‘conclusion’ to humanity’s trial, John De Lancie’s performance, and the return of THAT throne and Judge look.


Baz and Geoff also examine the concept of Anti-Time, the anomaly in the Devron system and how it impacts the three timelines.

Riker’s Mid-Life Crisis

Two Captain Picards, Troi’s mysterious death and Riker’s mid-life crisis are all examined – but the biggest question is; are either of them a fan of the three-nacelled Enterprise D?

A Fitting Conclusion

Baz and Geoff discuss the climax to All Good Things, how it serves as an ending to Star Trek: The Next Generation ,and that final poker scene…

Greatest TV Finales and Goodbyes

Baz and Geoff finish by picking their favourite TV finales and how all Good Things compares. They also talk their future Star Trek podcasting endeavours over at Make it So on the We Made This Network, and gives their final goodbyes and thanks.

Beyond Farpoint…out…

Episode Credits


  • Baz Greenland
  • Geoff Owen


  • Baz Greenland

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Beyond Farpoint - A Star Trek: The Next Generation Podcast
Beyond Farpoint
24. "...Must Come to an End"