14. Star Trek in Starlog Magazine Issues 27 and 28

On this wonderful episode of StarPodTrek, we consider the Star Trek & related articles in these exciting Starlogs from 1979, including all the news from Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Susan Sackett, & more!

14. Star Trek in Starlog Magazine Issues 27 and 28

What to expect from episode 14: Star Trek in Starlog Magazine Issues 27 and 28?

Trek Report from Starlog 27

December of 1979 was when Star Trek: The Motion Picture first hit theaters. Renowned podcast team Bob Turner & Kelly Casto return to discuss the Susan Sackett-penned Star Trek Report. They have more on Star Trek’s highly anticipated first movie! What happens next? Stay tuned for their new podcast coming soon!

Model Maker Jim Dow

Star Trek fan film producer Joe Cepeda explores the model-making skills of Jim Dow, the chief modeler for Star Trek: Phase II (Star Trek’s television series that almost was) and Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Jim also worked on Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Check out the Nature’s Hunger series to see what Joe has been up to! See link below.

Trek Report from Starlog 28

Long time Star Trek fan Bob Vosseller joins us again to consider Gene Roddenberry’s assistant Susan Sackett’s Trek Report leading up to Star Trek: The Motion Picture. With something new every month, the Sackett’s Trek Report was always one of our favorite Starlog columns.

And More!!

Nayr and Kavura bring it on. Nicholas Meyer was the director of Star Trek movies II and VI and writer of Star Trek IV. (He did the even numbered movies, so, you know, the best ones!) Before that, he directed many other movies, including Time After Time starring pre-Star Trek: First Contact actor Malcolm McDowell.

Don Post Studios created many masks, including the famous Michael Myers mask for the Halloween movies that originated with a William Shatner mask.

There are connections between the TV shows Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek that you never knew existed.

As always, we discuss the ads, classifieds, and convention listings in Starlog that were so cool back then!

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14. Star Trek in Starlog Magazine Issues 27 and 28