16. Review of Survivors by Jean Lorrah

Trek ladies Kavura and Jen review the Star Trek: The Next Generation book that explores Tasha Yar’s past, Survivors, by best-selling Star Trek writer Jean Lorrah.

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Ladies Trek Library
16. Review of Survivors by Jean Lorrah

What’s in episode 16, “Review of Survivors by Jean Lorrah”?


Kavura and Jen give a summary of the book: Star Trek: The Next Generation novel #4.

“Treva is an isolated human colony on the fringes of known space. But now the U.S.S. Enterprise has received a distress signal. Treva is in the throes of a violent revolution led by a merciless warlord.”

“Data and Lt. Tasha Yar are dispatched to investigate. Any possible solution may be far more complex than a simple rebellion. Treva’s president wants more then Starfleet’s good words in her fight against the rebels. She wants their weapons technology.”

Tasha’s Home Planet New Paris

We give our thoughts on what the book describes as Tash’s home planet.

Differences in Canon

Kavura and Jen discuss how this book, published in 1989, is different from what would later be established on TNG.

What We Learn about Data

The Trek Ladies discuss Data, the other main character in Lorrah’s book.

Tasha’s Rescuer, Darryl Adin

The man who rescued Tasha from a planet full of street gangs was a Starfleet Officer. He then groomed and fell in love with Tasha. He was court-martialed for treason, and then reappeared in the “current” timeline.

Overall Thoughts

The Trek Ladies discuss their overall feelings about the book.

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Ladies Trek Library
Ladies Trek Library
16. Review of Survivors by Jean Lorrah