7. Review of Last Best Hope by Una McCormack

Trek ladies, Kavura and Jen, review the novel Last Best Hope by Una McCormack. Learn more details about the events before season 1 of Star Trek: Picard, including the romance between Maddox and Agnes, how Picard met Raffi, and why Picard left Starfleet!

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7. Review of Last Best Hope by Una McCormack


Kavura and Jen give a summary of the book.

Origins of Relationships

The ladies discuss how Picard met Raffi and how well they got along in the book and how their friendship grew. Then they discuss Agnes Jurati and Bruce Maddox and their troubled relationship.

New Characters

There were a lot of new characters created for this book. The Trek ladies discuss how these characters each contributed to the story.

Tie-in to Star Trek: Picard

The Trek Ladies discuss how well this prequel novel fits in with season one of the Picard series. They also talk about what it adds to the series and how it enhances appreciation of the series.


The ladies wrap up with their thoughts on the book and their overall feelings of the story.

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  • Jen Foley
  • Kavura


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7. Review of Last Best Hope by Una McCormack
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