21. The Sons of Soong

With Lore soon to return to our screens in Star Trek: Picard’s third season, Geoff and Baz are joined by Hugh McStay to look at the story so far by looking back at ‘Datalore’, ‘Brothers’ and ‘Descent’.

Beyond Farpoint
Beyond Farpoint
21. The Sons of Soong

What to expect from episode 21: The Sons of Soong?


Geoff and Baz welcome guest host Hugh McStay to the podcast and chat about his Star Trek fandom, quizzing him about his favourite series and episodes, as well as chatting briefly about the first two seasons of Star Trek: Picard, ahead of Lore’s return in season 3.

Evil Twins

The hosts then take a wider look at the character of Lore and Brent Spiner’s portrayal, while also musing on the trope of the ‘evil twin’ in science fiction and ask if it’s a well-worn trope or worth returning to the well for.


Looking back to Lore’s first appearance, Geoff, Baz and Hugh talk about contractions, Lore’s dress sense and why nobody listens to Wesley Crusher.


Hugh treats us to his rendition of ‘Abdul Abulbul Amir’ and we talk about Dr Soong’s awful make-up, Brent Spiner now playing three characters, and the terrible parenting of the two Potts boys.


The Sons of Soong reunite once again and are joined by the Borg. The hosts discuss Dr Crusher in command, Lore the armour-clad cult leader, Professor Stephen Hawking and Hugh being overjoyed at seeing another Hugh on screen when he was a kid.

Lore’s future

Geoff, Baz and Hugh round off by talking about how we could see Lore return in Picard season 3.

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  • Baz Greenland
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21. The Sons of Soong