The Fire Caves – A Deep Space Nine podcast

Hosted by Perry Freeze and David Wampler, THE FIRE CAVES: A STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE PODCAST is dedicated to the 1993-1999 series featuring Captain Benjamin Sisko and the crew of space station Deep Space Nine.

Episode list

Presume Feature 122. Dr. Bashir, I Presume? February 17, 2024 - Perry and David catch up with Dr. Bashir and Dr. Lewis Zimmerman, as well as delve into the love triangle of Rom, Leeta, and....Zimmerman?
Inferno Feature 121. By Inferno’s Light February 9, 2024 - Perry and David slip into the darkness of a prison camp in "By Inferno's Light" and watch Garak battle his demons and Worf get beat up.
Purgatory Feature 120. In Purgatory’s Shadow January 26, 2024 - Perry and David are in the thick of the opening throes of the Dominion War and are excited by what awaits In Purgatory's Shadow!
Uniform Feature 119. For The Uniform January 22, 2024 - Perry and David discuss the return of Michael Eddington, an Angry Captain Ben Sisko, and Les Miserables in For The Uniform!
Begotten Feature 118. The Begotten January 12, 2024 - Perry and David revel in the return of Dr. Mora and Odo's second chance in The Begotten. Plus, Kira finally has O'Brien's baby!
Darkness Feature 117. The Darkness and the Light January 6, 2024 - Perry and David place the spotlight on Kira's past come back to haunt her and her former resistance members in The Darkness and the Light.
Rapture Feature 116. Rapture December 30, 2023 - Perry and David return to The Emissary Story arc in Rapture. Plus, Kai Winn returns, Jake makes a plea, and Kassidy is freed from prison.
The Ascent Feature 115. The Ascent December 24, 2023 - Perry and David make the perilous climb with Quark and Odo in "The Ascent.." Plus, countdown to Star Trek: First Contact!
Things Past Feature 114. Things Past December 15, 2023 - Perry and David dive into "Things Past" and discuss the ramifications of what the occupation of Bajor did to our heroes.
Sin Feature 113. Let He Who Is Without Sin December 10, 2023 - Perry and David discuss why this is a bad Worf and Jadzia episode and try to find a way to redeem this power couple. Plus, Worf gets mad.