The Fire Caves – A Deep Space Nine podcast

Hosted by Perry Freeze and David Wampler, THE FIRE CAVES: A STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE PODCAST is dedicated to the 1993-1999 series featuring Captain Benjamin Sisko and the crew of space station Deep Space Nine.

Episode list

Paradise Feature 36. Paradise May 13, 2022 - In Paradise, Ben Sisko's convictions go head to head with a religious zealot! Who will win? Tune in for the breakdown and discussion!
Whispers Feature 35. Whispers May 9, 2022 - In Whispers, Miles O'Brien suspects everyone and is on the lamb. Will he find help? Will he be caught? Find out in this breakdown!
Game Feature 34. Armageddon Game April 29, 2022 - A dangerous virus brings our Engineer and Doctor closer together. Will they survive and allow their friendship to bloom? Tune In!
Alternate Feature 33. The Alternate April 22, 2022 - The Alternate, an episode dealing with the origins of Constable Odo, and his relationship with his Bajoran "Father." Tune in for more!
Rivals Feature 32. Rivals! April 15, 2022 - In Rivals, we see Quark take down a competitive upstart, and Bashir and O'Brien fight the age old battle between youth and experience.
Sanctuary Feature 31. Sanctuary April 8, 2022 - In "Sanctuary, we see Bajoran Xenophobia on prime display. Will Major Kira stand up to this new alien race? Plus some great trek alum easter eggs!
The Fire Caves Episode 30 30. Second Sight April 1, 2022 - In "Second Sight" we get to see another side of Benjamin Sisko, a softer, slightly tragic side. Hopefully things go well for our beloved Captain.
Dark Feature 29. The Fire Caves: After Dark March 28, 2022 - Perry and David missed you so much that they came back to give you a little more! Listen to this follow up to Rules of Acquisition!
Evil Feature 28. Necessary Evil March 25, 2022 - A dangerous femme fatale appears and sets us down a nostalgic path of when Deep Space Nine was Terok Nor. We meet Odo, Quark, and Kira in a different light
Acquisition Feature 27. Rules of Acquisition March 18, 2022 - The Rules of Ferengi society are on display in this episode. Also Quark makes a friend and the Grand Nagus is back with an opportunity!