7. SciFi in Starlog Magazine Issues 13 and 14

Nayr, Kavura, and guests discuss the science fiction articles that were in Starlog magazine issues 13 and 14, originally published in 1978. Highlights: David Prowse, Forrest J. Ackerman, and more!

7. SciFi in Starlog Magazine Issues 13 and 14

What’s in Episode 7, “SciFi in Starlog Magazine Issues 13 and 14”?

David Prowse: The Man Behind The Mask

501st Legion member BJ Savage considers the article on David Prowse. He also describes what it is like to costume as Darth Vader!

Walt Disney’s Space Shows of the Fifties

Guest Joey Pittman discusses these fabulous shows!

Legendary Fan Forrest J. Ackerman

Listen to how horror superfan Derek Martin had the opportunity to meet Forrest J. Ackerman at the Ackermansion!

Painter Matthew Yuricich’s Artwork in Movies

Artist Kevin B. Cleveland discusses the ingenuity that this painter used in movies.

Collecting Science Fiction Records

Kevin Lentz describes this niche hobby.

Star Wars Matte Painter P.S. Ellenshaw

Artist Jeremiah Pantoja admires the work of this ingenious painter.

And more!

All this, plus Logan’s Run, Project UFO, Capricorn One, and more!

We will be attending Superman Celebration. Join us!

ICCCon was an incredible Star Wars convention that we attended recently. Make plans to attend next year with us!

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  • Kavura
  • Nayr


  • BJ Savage
  • Joey Pittman
  • Derek Martin
  • Kevin B. Cleveland
  • Kevin Lentz
  • Jeremiah Pantoja


  • Nayr
  • Kavura

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7. SciFi in Starlog Magazine Issues 13 and 14