15. O’Brien’s Technicolour Dreamcoat

Neither Katie West, nor her husband Kyle, can make any sense of the absurd main plot of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s The Storyteller, in their episode review for “O’Brien’s Technicolour Dreamcoat.” Also, floating Chakotay energy, and a trip to A&E.

Her First Trek - A Star Trek Review Podcast
Her First Trek: A Star Trek Review Podcast
15. O'Brien's Technicolour Dreamcoat

What to expect from episode 15: “Episode Title”?

The episodes covered in this edition of Her First Trek are (DS9) The Storyteller, and (VOY) Cathexis.

O’Brien’s Technicolour Dreamcoat

Katie Harben, now Katie West, welcomes listeners to the show.

After introducing Kyle, he admits that he never knows how to react after she sets up his first line. He thinks that he ruins the flow and tone of the introduction, as a result.


It’s storytime! Kyle wants to share a story about the day after his and Katie’s recent wedding.

Only 24 hours after they got married, Katie found herself in A&E. Having swapped her engagement ring, and eternity ring, onto the opposite hand for the duration of their wedding day, they became stuck on their temporary finger.

Blood flow to Katie’s finger stopped, and they were unable to remove the eternity ring. Things got painful, and there was significant concern for her hand. Worried she may lose a finger, Kyle ignored current COVID-19 hospital protocols in the UK, and took Katie directly to A&E.

After much discussion, they were able to get her seen, and the ring was cut off her finger, by a paramedic. Said paramedic noted that it was a good job she came when she did, as there may have been a risk of her losing her finger, from how bad it had become.

Two Episodes

Their story over, Kyle announces that they are discussing two episodes this week. He wants to make episodes of Her First Trek a little shorter, so will be reviewing less episodes each week, for the foreseeable.


The first discussion is of Star Trek: Voyager’s Cathexis. Kyle isn’t sure how to pronounce the name. Katie isn’t much help on that front, either.

Chakotay’s Massive Episode

Kyle asks Katie to share the plot information for Chakotay’s massive episode. He’s being sarcastic, given the episode is about Chakotay, but that he appears in about one scene.

Katie breaks down the big plot beats for Cathexis.

Floating Energy

Neither of them predicted that Chakotay was the floating energy that was going around the ship, trying to save the day.

Katie thought that it had just been a second alien. She definitely didn’t think it was Chakotay. She thought he was just in a coma.

Feels Like Murder

Kyle hates that Tuvok disabled the EMH, in this episode. He said he feels like murder.

This begins a discussion about EMH rights.

Who’s to Blame?

Katie thought that Janeway might’ve been the bad guy, at one time. She loved the whole “who’s to blame?” plot.

They realised that Voyager had actually done a lot of episodes asking that question, recently. Such as the previous one, in fact.

Tuvok and Janeway

Both agree that the ready room scene, between Tuvok and Janeway, was brilliant. They loved Kate Mulgrew’s performance.

Traumatic Assault

Kyle questioned whether they saw a scene between Kes and Tuvok, following his traumatic assault on her. Katie confirms that they did not.

They feel like there should have been some sort of scene that had Tuvok apologising to her, even though he was not in control of his actions.

The Storyteller

Katie and Kyle move on to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s The Storyteller.

Not Feeling Bashir

Katie felt Miles O’Brien’s pain in this episode. She is not feeling Bashir, so spending alone time with him would not be a pleasant experience.

Probably Wouldn’t Have Thrown a Drink Over Quark

Regarding the B-plot, which saw Sisko trying to negotiate a land dispute between two Bajoran leaders, Kyle wonders what Katie would have done to resolve the conflict.

She “probably wouldn’t have thrown a drink over Quark,” to begin with, referencing one of the opening scenes.

A Cloud of Gloop

Kyle is excited to hear Katie try to break down the events of the A-plot, as he thought the whole thing was ridiculous.

She can barely hold back laughter, as she discusses the plot that O’Brien and Bashir found themselves in. Her account involves the main villain of the episode being referred to as “a cloud of gloop.”

Fucking Absurd

Kyle can’t make any sense out of the episode’s revelation that the cloud of gloop was actually just the imagination of the people. “It’s fucking absurd,” he declares.

Katie is in full agreement.

Given Bajoran people are not psychic, it baffles Kyle that their imagination could create the villain.


Kyle wonders if the A-plot was actually good, because of how absurd it was.

“No,” Katie tells him. “Just, no.”

As Katie says, as this episode of Her First Trek comes to an end, The Storyteller “was so strange.”

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Her First Trek - A Star Trek Review Podcast
Her First Trek: A Star Trek Review Podcast
15. O'Brien's Technicolour Dreamcoat