Tribbles in Ecstasy

Tribbles in Ecstasy Take 189: All Jessed Up

Jesse Heinig, STO Staff Game Designer talks with Captain MidNite Shadow and the rest of the crew of the USS Tribble. After the interview the crew discusses all the news from Star Trek Online and Star Trek.

After the interview with Jesse Heinig, we discuss:

  • Contests,
  • Season 11,
  • Delta Rising Level Cap Adjustment,
  • the new Role Playing Blog,
  • STO Release Notes,
  • Star Trek Anthology
  • Internity
  • Star Trek Renegades
  • Star Trek Horizon
  • Star Trek Beyond,
  • Star Trek Continues,
  • and more!

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Questions for Jesse Heinig from the STO Forums
Questions for Jesse Heinig from Reddit
Launcher problems!
Roccat and STO custom gaming mouse and T6 Hestia Contest
Season 11
Delta Rising Level Cap Adjustment
Post War Era #1 Role Play Blog
Release Notes: October 15th, 2015
Star Trek Anthology
Star Trek Anthology on Facebook
Internity Indiegogo
Star Trek Renegades
Terry Farrell, Cirroc Lofton, and Aron Eisenberg just joined the cast of Star Trek Renegades
Robert Beltran joins the cast of Star Trek Renegades
Star Trek: Horizon
Star Trek Beyond new from
Star Trek Continues
Gigi Edgley joins the cast for Episode 6 of Star Trek Continues
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Feedback for Tribbles in Ecstasy Take 188: “More Passengers”

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Host: MidNite Shadow
Panelists: Dragon, Skipper, Sunseahl, Woody, and Zombee
Broadcaster: MidNite Shadow
Broadcast live: 16th October 2015
Guests: Jesse Heinig, Star Trek Online Staff Game Designer
Audio Engineer: MidNite Shadow
Producer: MidNite Shadow
Exec. Producer: Xander Hayes
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Host of Tribbles in Ecstasy and FrakStars at Holosuite Media
Steve Roberts (AKA MidNite Shadow) is the Host, Producer and Audio Engineer of Tribbles in Ecstasy and FrakStars.

In real life Steve works full time in IT providing desktop support, creating web sites, databases and anything else that that needs an IT solution!

In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his wife and son, reading Star Trek novels, playing Star Trek Online (STO), podcasting, audio editing, watching science fiction and moderating the STO Forums.