Tribbles in Ecstasy take 75: The death of Investigate Officer Reports.

This week we talk about Cryptics response to a complicated issue and what it may mean for smaller fleets.

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Star Trek Online


1.Season 7 Dev Blog #35
Details about the Yamaguchi and K’maj classes of Fleet Ships are revealed in this entry of the Season 7 News Dev Blog series.

2. Season 7 Dev Blog #36
Our next special feature is, “Majestic Construction.” As Federation and Klingon fleet starbases have been expanding, more improvements are being made to the interior structures to enhance the ambiance for inhabitants. The Federation is replacing some flooring with glass to allow for more spectacular views, and Klingon starbases are adding tributes to honor their past.  Upon completion of this special project, enhancements will be made to the structure of your starbase’s interior. Federation Starbases will have their main area improved with the addition of a portal to the lower section, and a new form of staircase and railings with a Sword of Kahless theme will be added to Klingon Starbases. This special project will be available around 10AM PST on February 14, 2013, until around 10AM PST on February 28, 2013.

3. The Andorians are coming!
The new Friday screenshot revealed the first complete look of the upcoming Kumari Line of Andorian Escorts.  So far all we know is that like the Odyssey and Vesta, the ships will be available as individuals or a bundle pack.  Like the Vesta and unlike the Odyssey, each ship will have it’s own individual variant.  More details have been promised to come next week.

4. The death of Investigate Officer Reports
Thanks to pressure and demands from some foundry authors and in response to exploitative mission, Cryptic has finally decided to remove the foundry repeatable (IOR).  Taking it’s place will be a new system of rewarding foundry mission plays.

  • The Foundry daily missions have been replaced.
    • The existing daily missions have been removed.
    • Now, all qualifying Foundry missions will automatically reward a scaling amount of Dilithium and skill points/expertise.
    • Dilithium will be rewarded based on the average playtime of the mission.
    • All spotlight missions will reward the same as a qualifying mission, with two exceptions.
      • Once every 24 hours, the first spotlight mission completed in that time frame will get a bonus 1440 Dilithium.
      • Once every 24 hours, the first spotlight mission completed in that time frame will get a scaling amount of Energy Credits, based on the player’s level.

Spotlight Foundry

1. “Storm Clouds” by drkfrontiers.
Faction: Klingon
Level Requirement: 31+
Mission Summary: Set amid the tumultuous intrigues of a dissident group known as the “Triumvirate,” seeking to bring an end to Chancellor J’mpok’s reign, a ruthless adversary has arisen from the ashes of Romulus.  Hesiod Severus is unforgiving in his loathing of the United Federation of Planets, and the Klingon Empire alike.  Vowing to restore the Romulan Star Empire to greater glory, Hesiod will stop at nothing to uncover the mysteries of the “Totality,”an ancient creature whose destructive power he will unleash to give birth to a new empire.
“Storm Clouds” is the first episode of the epic 5-mission series, “Crucible of Battle.” Episodes 2-5 are also available to play in-game.  The player-created trailer for this series can also be viewed here.

2. “Victory is Q” by AdmiralMurphy. 
Faction: Federation
Level Requirement: 46+
Mission Summary: A mission to beat the Klingons in their quest to capture a derelict Jem’Hadar Attack Ship goes awry when a certain alien pays a visit to your ship.
Mission starts in the Otha System in the Klingon Neutral Zone.

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