Tour of South Africa in Secret World Legends’ New Expansion

Ladies and gents, the wait is finally over! Secret World Legends’ new story content that we have all been waiting for since the game relaunched is finally here. Are you as excited as I am?

To find out a bit more about this long awaited expansion, I was whisked away on a tour of South Africa with Romain Amiel (Game Director of Secret World Legends) and Andy Benditt (Community Manager of Secret World Legends). Seeing what I’ve seen, I can totally relate to how hard it must have been for Secret World Legends’ development team not to give things away. I’m struggling with finding ways of writing about what I’ve seen of the new content and trying not to spoil it for you. Spoilers are unavoidable, to some extent. So be warned!

If you’re playing this game already, then you know how amazingly rich the game lore is and how absolutely phenomenal the writing is, with all sorts of twists and turns that make you scratch your head or your jaw drop. After all, the lore in this game is everything. It’s that wonderful story telling that takes center stage in South Africa and it shines throughout.

What I will tell you is that you are whisked off to South Africa by a character we’ve met before. And guess what? You do seem to make a stopover in Tampa, Florida. You’ll soon realize why I’m saying that *wink*. With all the speculation as to where we are going to go to next, not many players guessed the country correctly. Continent yes, country no. Players’ guessing where we shall venture next was definitely a lot of fun for the development team. It doesn’t happen very often that they manage to keep us in the dark for this long. While Congo was the frontrunner for a lot of players, the development team knew for approximately the last three years that our journey will continue with South Africa.

So you’re finally in South Africa and are tasked with infiltrating the Morninglight’s “New Dawn” camp and get as close to Philip Marquard as you possibly can. Trying task for sure. You will need to endure some hardships while climbing the Morninglight ladder. From a simple Foundling, through the Annoited, to the Favoured, you do what is necessary to accomplish your task and gain access to The Mansion.

Getting to South Africa, I immediately checked out its map wanting to know how big the zone is compared to other playfields in the game. Granted, it is smaller than the other zones, but that’s only because we’re not supposed to stay there for long. In the words of Romain Amiel:

“South Africa is step 1 of the continuation of the story…. It’s an important step. It’s an interlude…. compared to where the biggest part of Season 2 is meant to take place…. It’s episode 1 of Season 2…. Once you’re done with the South African story, you’ll know exactly where you are heading to next.”

The main story mission comprises of six main missions (that translates into approximately 3 hours of game play), by the end of which you find yourself in The Mansion. Along the way, there are plenty of side missions scattered throughout the playfield that you can take and explore the camp even more. There’s plenty of dialogue all around you so do pay attention to that. You can learn a lot from it. More missions will be added in another future content update for the South African playfield.

Upon entering the camp, you are provided with a bracelet that ‘tracks’ your progress and grants you the points you need in order to gain access to The Mansion. There’s also an achievement associated with the bracelet points, along many others.  One thing I should mention is that the South African content is made for low to mid level purple gear. If you are on the lower part of the purple gear, you may want to team up with another player to advance to The Mansion a bit easier.

Each completed mission also grants you the new South African token called ‘Dawn’s Favour’. You will be able to spend this new currency at a special vendor in the South African camp where you will be able to purchase unique outfit pieces, pet and sprint. First mission you complete in this playfield on a daily basis will give you a larger amount of the tokens.

While we were all hoping for character progression past level 50, Amiel mentioned it was decided not to add it to this particular playfield as it’s more of an interlude. Level increase will likely be added with another playfield later on. Museum wing for South Africa, while not available at the beginning of April, will be added at a later date as well. Ten new agents will also be released with this update, including two rare agents. After months of Winter cache in game, we finally have a new cache. Tribal Cache brings with it new Witch Doctor’s MK III weapons, pet, mount, outfit, new extraordinary head talisman and various distilates and potions. If you’ve listened to our podcast from last week, you’ll remember that we discussed a possible Collector’s Edition. I’m glad to say that the team has created one and will be available for purchase for USD 19.99. It is chock-full of vanity items that you can spend extra cash on if you so desire. You will however not be able to purchase it for Aurum you already have on your account.

I couldn’t help but wonder of all the things that are coming after South Africa. Amiel mentioned that lots of things are currently in the pipeline, along with a system similar to Agent Network that hasn’t been announced yet. There are no plans of a dungeon for the South African playfield. However, now that the Agent Network is out as well as the continuation of the main story, the team may find some  time to go back and work on some of the content that we’re still missing from TSW. No promises though! After Dawn of the Morninglight is released, the team may release more information about what’s coming up next and they seem to have plenty in the pipeline.

I guess this is where perhaps we should really stop calling it Season 2, even though to us as players who have been waiting for the continuation of the main story it does truly feel like Season 2. As Amiel said, Secret World has a story that is continuous and can take us many places. It’s a unique universe that just begs to be explored and the team intends to keep on exploring. It is perhaps very fitting that the name of the new expansion has the word ‘dawn’ in it. This expansion definitely marks a new dawn for the game and it’s a very promising one. Buckle up folks, the wonderful ride is just beginning.

Join the crew of Beyond the Veil: Secret World Legends podcast on our Twitch channel every Thursday at 7pm EDT as we talk about everything and anything Secret World. We will of course be discussing all sorts of things South Africa that we have heard about on this week’s podcast (March 29th). The week after, we will have a special guest join us – Romain Amiel will join us on the live podcast on April 5th to talk about the new content and a whole bunch more. See you then!