The Secret World: Issue 7 coming next week


Spoiler warning — contains information on the upcoming The Secret World – Issue 7 content. If you don’t want any spoilers, you may not want to proceed further! Consider yourself warned!


After the success of The Secret World’s story arcs “The Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn” in Issue 5 and “The Last Train to Cairo” in Issue 6, Funcom has big shoes to fill with Issue 7 and very high expectations to meet. For the last couple of months we have slowly been getting more and more information about what will be coming our way. In our earlier post The Secret World: Exciting times ahead we already talked about Joel Bylos’ Game Director’s letter for May in which he revealed a beautifully designed poster for Issue 7 and provided us with even more information on Issue 8.



Back to Issue 7 though. We already know that we’re going to be investigating the presence of the Orochi in Transylvania. What could the Orochi have been up to over there and how does it all tie into the main story arc of The Secret World? Could the little teddy bear be the clue? Many players have already speculated that it might have something to do with Emma, especially after seeing a little girl mysteriously appear in two cut-scenes of The Last Train to Cairo mission. They were not wrong.

Orochi Nursery loading screen_2560x1440




Snowmobiles! Do they appear just in cut scene only or do we get to ride them? We can now confirm that you will actually get to ride a snowmobile across the snow covered mountains of Transylvania and the best thing is – you get to control it! You even get to fight the Orochi while attempting not to crash into every pole and tree in sight. Just remember to stay on the snow, you’ll be much faster that way! Here’s a little sneak preview of what the snowmobile actually looks like.



Now, remember those tuxedos that were mentioned a while back? After all, issue 7 is a James Bond-ish one and you just cannot be a special agent and not have a tuxedo, regardless of whether your are male or female. Check them out! Snazzy!



For the pyromaniacs among you, here’s a screenshot of an action shot with a new auxiliary weapon – the flamethrower. Extra points for looking so much cooler than the barn burner already in the game and the fact that you will not need to collect fuel in order to use it. Just like with any other auxiliary weapon in The Secret World, you will need to infuse it with anima before you can use it. Once anima-infused, you can keep on using it, without any need for re-fueling.



So how does little Emma tie in all of this? Is the stunning agent as stunning as we were led to believe? Will the agent help us complete the mission? Is the snowmobile chase as awesome as we had hoped? We cannot give you all the answers – yet. We do need to leave you with a few surprises and trust us – they are well worth the wait!

memoryscape loading screen - 6590


One thing we can tell you is that Templars already got the upper hand on the other factions. Templars get a main story line mission called Virgula Divina. This is the mission between Egypt’s ‘Black Sun, Red Sands’ and Romania’s ‘Mortal Sin’ story line mission that involves the exploration of a destroyed Orochi research facility in London. Playing this spooky quest will give you a good idea as to what awaits you in Issue 7. If you don’t mind major spoilers when it comes to missions, you can check out this posts in which Joel Bylos takes Feii and Galactrix on a run through of missions coming with Issue 7 (in video and audio format).




Based on what we have seen so far, we’re positive that the new issue will be a great hit with the players. Bringing new content out on a regular basis is pretty tricky for any gaming company out there today, especially if they’ve just undergone a major restructuring process like Funcom did. Things did slow down when it came to releasing new content, probably a lot more than even Funcom wanted. Despite all the problems they’ve encountered, they continued their hard work bringing us top quality content with even more awesome content coming our way in Issues 8-12. According to Joel Bylos, Tokyio is still very much scheduled to be released this year, but more on that later on. We at Beyond the Veil cannot wait for everything that The Secret World has in store for us.

Happy anniversary to the best MMO game out there! May it be the first of many!

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