The Secret World: Game Director’s Letter September 2013

Has it already been a month since the last Game Director’s letter? I guess so, but to me it passed by so quickly. Undoubtedly due to so many different events that Funcom sent our way in The Secret World. Firstly, we had the Golden Weekend and the Gilded Rage Event that we already wrote about. Secondly, we had the Get your art in the game contest that just went to prove how many extremely creative and talented players the game actually has. Thirdly, The Whispering Tide Event that started off a whole chain of micro events and missions that serve one purpose only – drive the invading filth out of Agartha! This is a long term event that will last until Tokyo, a brand new playzone in the game to be released with Issue #9. Not to mention the Defend Agartha contest that our Beyond the Veil crew has running right now, sponsored by and Funcom.

So, back to Joel Bylos’ Game Director’s letter for September. Again, we are carefully and masterfully given bits and pieces of the upcoming new content releases in the game. Just enough to wet our appetite. So what new information has been provided this time around?


The Cat God Event returns this Halloween & new mission chain ‘Stories From Solomon Island’ will be added

TSW_The Cat GodLast year’s The Cat God Event will be enabled for Halloween this year and additional mission series called Stories from Solomon Island will be added to the event as well. You’ll need to wait to play these missions in order to find out exactly why Tyler Freeborn died, what happened to the Grounskeeper at Innsmouth Academy and what the Lantern Man really wants.



SCENARIOS & AUGMENTS are ready, finer details currently being worked on

TSW_Augment WheelWe are all waiting with baited breath to finally get the Augment system in the game, as well as the Scenarios, a new kind of repeatable content with a random element twist to it. Apparently, the technology for both of these is ready, with adjustments now being made to the finer points. The new bit of information this time around is that players will be able to play the Scenarios in Solo, Duo and Group modes. Each group will, as previously mentioned, have three difficulties as well: Normal, Elite and Nightmare. Less geared players should be at ease, as Bylos promises that they will be able to complete the Scenarios as part of a group. That’s right folks! Nobody in The Secret World gets left out from enjoying the new content. Likewise, end-game players will also have a treat waiting for them in the form of Nightmare Solo Scenarios that promise to be the most difficult challenge in the game yet. More detailed information on the Augment System will be coming our way soon as well.




TSW_Orochi Tower

Not to be forgotten, Tokyo is reportedly shaping up pretty good as new missions and characters are being added. A word of advice from Bylos – practice your Origami skills! Voice-overs are going great as well with Kari Whalgren and Jimmy Akinbola, to name a few, returning to the game as popular characters of Kirsten Geary and Richard Sonnac.

Needless to say there’s plenty of great things coming our way in the coming Issues of The Secret World. They just can’t come soon enough!

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