Tribbles in Ecstsay Episode 261

Tribbles in Ecstasy Take 261: Journey to Urbiessa

In this week’s episode we once again welcome back to the show Manu Intiraymi from Star Trek Voyager (52:01) who talks about his project The Circuit: Urbiessa that involves Star Trek stars such as Walter Koenig, Terry Farrell, Robert Beltran, Armin Shimerman, Robert Picardo, Ethan Phillips, JG Hertzler, Robert O’Reilly, Hana Hatae, Tim Russ, Doug Jones plus other science fiction actors like Gigi Edgley, Sylvester McCoy, Corin Nemec and many more.

We also discuss this week’s news and information from Star Trek Online (2:03:32), Star Trek Online Consoles (3:31:05) and Star Trek Timelines (02:18).

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2016 Parsec Awards

2016 Parsec Awards

We were nominated for a 2016 Parsec Award in the Best Speculative Fiction Fan or News Podcast (Specific) [FNS] category.

We have submitted our sample submission as a Semi-Finalist of up to 10 minutes of audio containing 1 to 3 samples plus a 30 second introduction.

For our sample we used three segments from episode 205 where we interviewed Manu Intiraymi (Icheb from Star Trek Voyager) live on the 19th of February 2016.

You can listen to our submission here:

We’d like to thank all our listeners for their support; hopefully the judges will pick Tribbles in Ecstasy as one of the 5 podcasts in our category to make it through to the final.

Live Long and Prosper from the Tribbles in Ecstasy Crew.

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Tribbles in Ecstasy Episode 205

Tribbles in Ecstasy Take 205: We’re Listening!

This week the Tribbles in Ecstasy crew spends a couple of hours chatting to Manu Intiraymi (Icheb from Star Trek Voyager) about The Circuit, 5th Passenger, Benjamin Troubles, Star Trek Renegades Episode 2, Star Trek Voyager, Conventions, TV and Film, Crowdfunding and more!

After the interview the crew discusses this week’s gaming news and events from Star Trek Online and Star Trek Timelines. We also give updates on other Star Trek news, conventions and unofficial Star Trek productions.

The gaming topics discussed this week are:

  • Star Trek Timelines,
  • Star Trek Online Events and Sales,
  • Tier 6 Flagship Artwork,
  • Competitions,
  • Star Trek Online’s Release Notes,
  • and the new Skill System Revamp

The Star Trek and Unoffical Star Trek Production topics discussed this week are:

  • The Antaeus Theatre Company Kickstarter,
  • The Worf Chronicles,
  • Star Trek Renegades,
  • Star Trek Anthology,
  • Star Trek: Horizon,
  • Convention news,
  • and more!

Community Question:

  1. What do you think of the released Star Trek Online Tier 6 Flagship designs and do you think a faction is under-represented?
  2. What are your thoughts on the new Skill System revamp?
  3. Do you have any questions for Tommy Kraft on Star Trek: Horizon? We interview Tommy next week in episode 206.

Help a friend of the Community:

Please help friend of the show and fellow Star Trek Online player and podcaster Mav with donations to support his recovery with his current health situation here:

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Tribbles in Ecstasy Take 136: Extra Passengers

The year is¬†2151… Once an attraction at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, Yellowstone Caldera¬†turns supervolcano and erupts throwing the Earth into chaos and darkness. In this time of devastation begins a mass exodus from our once beautiful world in hopes […]

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Robert Beltran’s “Ask Me Anything” session on Reddit – Mar 5th

Robert Beltran, perhaps best known as Star Trek Voyager’s dashing Commander Chakotay, has announced that he will be doing an Ask-Me-Anything session on Reddit at 1PM ET on March 5th. Apart from his work on Star Trek, Beltran has also […]

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