Skyrim, The Talos Principle, and Adulting


I’ve been game swapping quite a bit lately. I think it’s mostly because of the new computer, and being able to run games on much better settings. Having a computer that will run games better (and not run the fan so loud I fear it will explode) adds a lot to even games I’ve already played.

I put a good bunch of hours into The Talos Principle before taking a break from it. I really only paused because I had a few exhausted nights in a row. As much as I can play puzzle games while tired, it’s not the most fun thing in the world. I started up a new character in Skyrim, and we’ll see if I get farther than usual this time. I tend to get distracted by sidemissions and collecting alchemy materials, and then never complete the actual story.


In the world of adulting, I’ve canceled my subs to DCUO and FFXIV for now. I still enjoy both games, especially FFXIV, I just can’t justify a subscription for a game I’m rarely playing. I can always resub when I feel the need. This is one of the reasons I got a lifetime membership to The Secret World – I can spend less money in the Item Shop, but never have to justify the money for a sub.

I’m also in the process of picking up a second job, which may well affect my posting for a while. I’ve juggled multiple jobs before without too much trouble, though, and I’d love to make more headway on some old student loans hanging over my head. Real life always comes first, and the folks I most enjoy gaming with tend to agree.

I’m looking forward to Funcom’s upcoming game, The Park, this month and Halloween in TSW. No one does Halloween like TSW does! Gameday for Extra Life is coming up in November, and I intend to reserve time off for that no matter how many jobs I’m working. I preordered Fallout 4, and I’m sure I’ll be posting about that once it’s out.

With luck I’ll have some more freetime later this week, and will be able to post something more substantial!

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