90. Paradise Lost

Perry and David continue where they left off from Homefront in this episode with Paradise Lost. Also, we are truly LIVE some come join!

The Fire Caves Podcast - A Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Podcast
The Fire Caves - A Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Podcast
90. Paradise Lost

What to expect from episode 90: Paradise Lost?


Paradise Lost, without the John Donne.

Sisko in Picard’s uniform.

Odo points out a glaring error.

The infamous Red Squad.

David turns 33.

What Perry and David have been up to.

The Fire Caves Live!

Twitter update.

Perry and David dive into Paradise Lost.

What to learn from Admiral Leyton.

After talking with his father, Ben knows what to do.

Cadet Nog, reporting as ordered.

Sisko and Odo are on the case.

Moral ambiguity and taking a stand.

The questions of Captain Sisko.

Miles O’Brien….right?

The Changeling threat and how to mitigate it.

Blood fakery!

The good points about this episode.

Leyton’s Xenophobia.

The bad things about this episode.

What Perry and David wished had happened.

The Defiant and the Lakota fight it out.

Worf loves The Defiant.

Sisko gets arrested.

Odo circumvents security but Perry has a problem.

Punch first, no need to ask a question.

Jake doesn’t want to work in the restaurant.

SciFi invasion tropes of the 90s.

Famous similar scifi shows.

What Perry and David want to happen in this episode.

The problem with the Changeling Threat.

The father/son dynamic further explored.

Perry is over Red Squad.

Perry and David talk about their week.

David has a new game.

Perry shows off his Father’s Day gift.

David tries to convince Perry to sign up for ship building.

Fanhome is the new Eaglemoss.

Coming up next week.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds returns.

The hope for Star Trek: Legacy.

The Fire Caves After Dark return!

Paradise Lost, Paradise Restored.

Back to Deep Space Nine.

Final Thoughts and lasting impressions.

Join the conversation.

Perry is still not watching Halo.

Episode Credits


  • David Wampler
  • Perry Freeze


  • Perry Freeze

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The Fire Caves Podcast - A Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Podcast
The Fire Caves - A Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Podcast
90. Paradise Lost