5. SciFi in Starlog Magazine Issues 9 and 10

Nayr, Kavura and their guests discuss the science fiction articles that were in Starlog magazine issues 9 and 10, originally published in 1977. Highlights: Space Academy, Wonder Woman, Saturday Morning Cartoons, and more!

5. SciFi in Starlog Magazine Issues 9 and 10

What is in Episode 5, “SciFi in Starlog Magazine Issues 9 and 10”?

Paul Mount – Co-host of Starburst TV Zone Plus Podcast

Reminiscences about the life and amazing career of Gerry Anderson. Check him out here, to purchase his book, and listen to his podcast.

Bob Langer – Administrator of the Starlog Magazine Facebook Group

Examines the Golden Age of Science Fiction on television. Join this awesome Facebook group by here

David Conover – Author of War Eagles- The Unmaking of an Epic- An Alternate History for Classic Film Monsters

Gives us insight on the career of Ray Harryhausen, the father of Dynamation. Purchase his book on here.

Musicians Kevin Packard and Joey Cassata, along with Professor Scott Essman

Discuss the connections between Sci-Fi and Rock music acts such as David Bowie, KISS, and more. Check out Checkpoint Charley (and look for Kavura in The Balad of Han and Leia video) by clicking here.

Purchase Joey Cassata’s book, Start With a Dream: A Drummer’s Journey from Rock & Roll to T.V. to Broadway on Amazon.

Follow along with us by pulling out your copy of Starlog, or click here to read it free online.

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Episode Credits


  • Kavura
  • Nayr


  • Paul Mount
  • Mark McCray
  • Bob Langer
  • Glen Williams
  • Jason Wasulko
  • David Conover
  • Scott Alan Evans
  • Kevin Packard
  • Joey Cassata
  • Professor Scott Essman


  • Nayr
  • Kavura

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5. SciFi in Starlog Magazine Issues 9 and 10