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4. Worf’s Tweed Pyjamas

In the fourth episode of Beyond Farpoint, Geoff and Baz dive into Geoff’s guilty pleasure episode, Genesis. They discuss the horror and entertainment of the episode, and dissect whether the science stands up.

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4. Worf's Tweed Pyjamas

What’s in Episode 4, “Worf’s Tweed Pyjamas”?


Geoff and Baz start the show and introduce the focus of this episode; the seventh season episode Genesis. They discuss why they decided to go with this particular episode instead of other more popular episodes, along with giving a hint at discussion points including the questionable science of the episode.

The horror of Genesis

Baz touches on how nasty some of the horror moments in the episode are and mentions his love of horror in general. Geoff isn’t so much a horror fan himself, except for movies like Alien and Event Horizon. They briefly discuss horror in other Star Trek series, including Star Trek: Voyager’s Threshold and Alice, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s Empok Nor, Star Trek: The Original Series’ Catspaw and Star Trek: Discovery’s Context is for Kings.

Directed by Gates McFadden

Geoff surprises Baz by mentioning this not only Gates McFadden’s only Star Trek credit, but her only screen directing credit. She doesn’t appear much in the episode as Dr Crusher is attacked early on by Worf which puts her character out of action until the final scene. The direction of the episode is praised though.

Cold open and Act 1

The cold open is quite low-key containing Barclay and his hypochondria, Data’s pregnant cat Spot, and Dr Crusher telling Riker. Baz and Geoff discuss that this scene seems to give more of an insight into Dr Crusher’s day-to-day work and also her veterinary expertise with Spot. Geoff talks about Ogawa as she stands in for Crusher for the majority of the episode.

The action moves to the bridge and more day-to-day routine as Worf is testing weapons upgrades and how the first act is primarily written to get Picard and Data off the ship for three days.

The changes begin

Baz and Geoff talk briefly about Worf snapping at Riker before Worf goes to Ten Forward to eat. Worf and Troi’s relationship is discussed by our hosts and whether it works.

They discuss the early changes to Barclay, La Forge, Riker and Ogawa and the subtle hints to their eventual transformations. However, Baz questions whether some of them are too subtle. Geoff briefly describes a deleted scene on the Blu-ray before asking whether Worf’s pyjamas are made of tweed.

Geoff and Baz then discuss the horrific injuries caused to both Troi and Crusher by the devolving Worf and whether Alexander is on board at this time.

Ape-Riker and Spider-Barclay

With the Enterprise slowly spinning, Geoff and Baz briefly ponder which way is up. They then talk about how ship-based the episode is and how good the makeup effects are. Riker’s Australopithecine and Barclay’s spider effects are praised.

The Science

Baz asks Geoff how he feels about the science of the episode. Geoff comments that while the science is practically non-existent, it didn’t affect his enjoyment of the episode. Patrick Stewart’s acting is then complimented as he convincingly plays a much more nervous version of Picard than we’re used to.

Geoff then talks about the plaudits that Genesis has picked up, the Emmy award it received, and how this ranked on popular websites.


They bring the conversation to a close by scoring the episode and go through comments received on social media.

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4. Worf's Tweed Pyjamas