Holosuite Media’s weekly line-up of shows, podcasts and gamecasts

If you’re new to Holosuite Media, here’s a little overview of who we are and what we do.

Holosuite Media is a volunteer based company that was founded nearly 4 years ago and is independently owned and operated. Our core team of people is professional, dedicated, driven and passionate about what they do. We strive to cover a wide variety of topics and are dedicated to bringing you balanced views and reviews of all things sci-fi, fantasy, gaming, horror, movies, TV and books. Reporting on everything geeky and nerdy, we love getting various communities involved in our shows and podcasts.

For the latest news from Holosuite Media you can always follow us on:

Twitter: @HolosuiteMedia

Facebook: Holosuite Media

All of our shows are recorded live on Holosuite Excess livestream channel. You can join this channel during the recording to chat and interact with the show’s panelists. In addition to our website, all of our shows can be listened to or downloaded from iTunes and Stitcher satellite radio.

Here’s a little overview of all of the shows and podcasts we currently produce.



AWO-Logo-1024x576Recorded: Mondays at 8PM EST

A podcast about Hearthstone, the On-Line Collectable Card Game by Blizzard Entertainment.

Show hosts: Blacklace and Autumnsbane

Twitter: @AWorthyOpponent




The Pules LogoRecorded: Tuesdays at 8PM EST

Form Tabletop to Cards, from PC to all around the consoles, this is your pulse on the gaming worlds!

Show hosts: Graydol & Jaysinn

Twitter: @PulseGamecast




the-geek-ez-logoRecorded: Wednesdays at 7PM EST

From the secret back room of Holosuite Studios, a weekly talk-show where all things geek are embraced and indulged. Go on, get your geek on!

Show hosts: Adam Ihle, Alastor, EmDash, Tank, Sean, Mith

Twitter: @TheGeekEZ





Recorded: Thursdays at 7PM EST

Community based weekly talk show about Funcom’s The Secret World MMO. A place where hilarity always ensues ™.

Show hosts: Xander, Feii, Antida, Galactrix, Rowan, EmDash, Mith, Gigabyte

Twitter: @BeyondTSW






Recorded: Fridays at 8PM EST

A weekly talk-show that explores Star Trek and Star Trek Online in a casual & friendly atmosphere. the only place where Tribbles and Klingons are friends.

Show hosts: Katzu, Skipper, Woody Valley, Dr Trekkie

Twitter: @TribblesInXTC


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