Defend Agartha Contest – Winners announced

With a total of 110 entries received, it’s pretty safe to say that our Defend Agartha contest has been very successful. Not only the amount, but also the quality of the entries has been pretty awesome. So awesome in fact that we handed out three third place prizes as all three were tied with the same amount of points.

Thank you so very much to everyone who took part in our contest and made it a success and to all those who spread the word out about the contest as well. As always, a huge thank you goes out to our great sponsors Welovefine and Funcom, who provided the awesome prizes. Please check out Welovefine’s awesome collection of The Secret World goodies that can be delivered worldwide, plus a whole lot more! Here’s a pic of the some of the prizes won by the contestants.









So this was the mission given to playersSend us proof of your bravery in a form of a screenshot taken during your fight for Agartha. You can even get extra creative and add a little story behind the screenshot.

Entries varied from screenshot to screenshot, from monster to monster as players showed off their skills, creativity and bravery in fighting the Filth that has infiltrated Agartha. Congratulations to every single one of them on completing their mission! Filth is being driven away!

After the crew of Beyond the Veil saw and voted on each individual entry received (please see the video below), votes were tallied and winners announced. Click on photos to enlarge.


1st place winner Cressida, received League of Monster slayers in-game t-shirt + in-game title Derp* + Templar dogtag (35 points total)

BtV_Defend Agartha_Entry 55



2nd place winner @makro_gamer, received League of Monster slayers in-game t-shirt (34 points total)

BtV_Defend Agartha_Entry 88



3rd place was shared by 3 entries that each got 33 points. Each of them received an in-game title Derp (Defense Environmental Restoration Program)


BtV_Defend Agartha_Entry 12


BtV_Defend Agartha_Entry 83

Ted Campbell

BtV_Defend Agartha_Entry 95


For those of you who are not able to watch the entire livestream of the contest (video below!), here is a selection of other entries received. Check them out and feel free to comment below!

ENTRY 2: As one of the first through the filthy portal, a man in a CDC suit takes on the unknown

BtV_Defend Agartha_Entry 2

ENTRY 4: In my attempt to defeat the filth monster that plagues Agartha, I perished, but the monster was not content. As I lay dead at it’s feet, the beast, using it’s immense evil powers broke the fourth wall and stared directly in to my real life soul. No words were said but I could see in it’s eyes it was thinking “YOU’RE NEXT”.

BtV_Defend Agartha_Entry 4

ENTRY 14: The new kilts allow Agents of Gaia to fly!

BtV_Defend Agartha_Entry 14

ENTRY 15: Fighting against the filth in Agartha

BtV_Defend Agartha_Entry 15


BtV_Defend Agartha_Entry 24


BtV_Defend Agartha_Entry 35


BtV_Defend Agartha_Entry 59



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