Beyond the Veil Tier 105: Gear Up!

Welcome to episode 105 of Beyond The Veil: The Secret World where we discuss the gear in game: where you can get it, what you get and how and when to get the best gear in game. We talk about the poll on character alignment, tell you about the events coming your way and the new items released in the store this week.



TSW-RP POLL – What alignment is your favorite or most played or main TSW character?  

Plan out your end-game gear in advance – TSW Calculator

TSWDB.COM Events for September – Lethal Investigation & Stonehenge PvP

Nine Swords Cabal & Gridstream Productions Event – Jackapalooza


Looking for a friendly Cabal to do your missions and dungeons with? Look us up, the Beyond the Veil Multi-Faction Cabal.



Host/Exc. Producer: Antida
Remaster Audio Engineer: Feii
Panelists: Rowan, Gigabyte, Xander
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @BeyondTSW
Beyond The Veil’s theme song by Simon Pool & Marc Canham
Beyond The Veil’s Logo by Xander Hayes

Take a listen as we discuss our love of The Secret World in a casual and friendly atmosphere. Join us Live on Thursday nights at 7pm EST over at Twitcher. Beyond the Veil is a Community based weekly talk show sponsored by

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