Beyond the Veil Take 5: It’s getting hot in here!!!


This week the cast invite games on for their thoughts on the The Secret World and much, much more!!

Take a listen as we discuss our love of The Secret World in a casual and friendly atmosphere. Beyond the Veil is a Community based weekly talk show sponsored by Be sure to tune in Mondays and listin to our audio remastered shows.

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Show Notes

Left overs:

Fun things, hidden references, easter eggs etc:
Pronouncing names, how do you say…:
Custodian Pet:
Human Fire Hydrant of Blood:

It came from the Devs:

It was Glen ‘Famine’ Swan birthday on Aug 7th
Update 1.1.1:
Peter Stormare to voice a pair of famous ravens that belong to a famous god for TSW: Ragnar Tørnquist ‏@RagnarTornquist
Peter Stormare sure knows how to squawk. Like a BOSS. (Or a raven. Two ravens, in fact. Two famous ravens, belonging to a famous god.) #TSW
Perter stormare bio:
Devs lived streamed yesterday:

From the community:

Midnight Squadron is hosting a child’s play event where they are auctioning off real life TSW items until the 18th:
Letting players create their own content:
Q10 Characters repeating quests being a bad thing:

Mod Yourself:

A look at Viper’s Topbar Information Overload:

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